08 Death by Spider

This sessions adventurers

Towerday 29 Fruit

The intrepid heroes continued to crack open crypts. Whilst in the process of searching some crypts a ghostly Skiff on a mist sailed towards them with a cowled figure at the rudder and 4 skeletons and 2 zombies on board. Siron cast Turn Undead that got rid of the crew but the skiff slowly sank into the floor before their eyes and disappeared.

Other battles ensued with Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls and Merlin was knocked unconscious at death’s door before Edward cast a healing spell on him. They found an ugly toad statue and then an unholy room with a coffin and unholy symbols in it. Siron placed his holy symbol on the book and it started smoking so they smashed the coffin, burnt the book and destroyed the unholy symbols.

They headed north and got into their strike killing giant rats, ghouls and zombies.

However, in one crypt a Crab Spider dropped from the ceiling and bit Merlin in the neck. He failed his poison save and 30 minutes later died from his wounds.

Total XP: 4,810 (584 2nd Level, 400 3rd Level) each