09 Death by Zombie

This sessions adventurers

Waterday 30 Fruit

Following the death of Merlin the party start the session in a corridor with door off. One of the first rooms they open is full of zombies and skeletons. As they try to contain the room keeping them in Marcus falls to the floor dead. The party kill off their assailants and decide to leave his body in the room in his honour.

They enter a temple with fluted columns. A bunch of Skeleton emerge from the walls attacking the parties from all sides. Siron notices three Crab Spiders coming down the corridor behind them so spikes the door closed. One of those spiders killed Merlin so they did not fancy facing three of them. Fortunately, they see one of the skeletons fleeing through a wall. They find a secret door - and use it as a way of escape from these spiders. They enter some religious quarters and find Chrysoprase Biggins a halfling hiding behind a small altar. They found a cursed scroll hidden in the altar.

They found a room with a chequered floor and a large stone obelisk, but did not discover it’s use. They then found a large room with Sarcophagi in and a set of stone scales.

They discovered a room with a raised dias and flickering purple flames. There was an inviting chest on it and Edward risked it to get the chest which contained a large amount of silver (1,000 sp) and three large gems . Leaving the room intact they found a coffin making workshop. Hidden in the sawdust was three giant centipedes.

They then found a room with an insect swarm before heading North to a Great Hall. Waves of Zombies and Skeletons attacked the party. Siron had to turn them as there was just too many of them to defeat and they were running out of spells and hp.

Total XP: 1151 2nd Level, 796 3rd Level each