10 Falling A Level

This sessions adventurers

Thunderday 01 Second Harvest

The adventurers resume in the Great Hall and decide to get a move on before the undead return. They map off their known corridors to the East. The find a gallery with the Devils marks everywhere and a smell of brimstone.

Heading North they find a Crematorium with the furnace randomly spitting out fire. They quickly leave that behind finding a room with prayer mats strewn around the floor. Opposite as they open the door to another room Chrys and Siron are attacked by a couple of Ghouls feasting on some remains. Once they had dispatched them they find some copper trinkets and a warhammer. Trying to clear the rooms around the Great hall they find a small room with bindings and bottled potions.

Chrys then leads the way down another corridor activating a trap door and sliding down a chute to the level below. Fearsome faces are carved into the wall and bloodstains litter the floor. They see a portcullis to the south but can’t find a way to open it. They head North, they find a floor with rotted carcasses and skeletons on the floor and disturb some large carnivorous flies. After a short battle they start looting the bodies when they see 3 Hobgoblins watching them, a brief battle ensues and they get rid of them.

They decide to continue exploring the second level and find a room with weapons and a winch and pulley. Continuing on they find a bedroom with a dead hobgoblin being consumed by more carnivorous flies, which they defeat.

They then find a room damaged with a single spike in the ceiling. They fear to enter thinking the ceiling may collapse on top of them.

They continue to Hexagonal chamber with a pedestal and a four headed cobra. Two holes sit in the pedestal. Furon and Bolbo place implements in the holes and turn the pedestal in one direction. One of the cobras spits in Furon’s face and blinds him. They cover the serpent heads and turn the pedestal the other way finding a dagger and some gems.

They then decide to fight their way out of the Dungeon, heading back to town and pay for a Mage to cure Furon blindness.

They spend 25 days making scrolls and potions. They also make some Investments.

Total XP: 810 2nd Level, 702 3rd Level