The age of discovery. Artillery exists and hand-held firearms are in their infancy. Most folk believe in witches and witchcraft, and are highly-superstitious. In general though, common folk have no idea what is going on in the world outside their town or village. News travels slowly. (Think of an alternative 16th Century United Kingdom).

Civil engineering in The Midderlands has not evolved much since the Gomans invaded two thousand years ago.

Queen Elspeth IV rules over Havenland from her palace in Great Lunden, south of The Midderlands. She has forty Dukes which each rules a county in Havenland, they are responsible for law and order; for ensuring the Queen’s decrees are followed.

Beneath the surface world is the Middergloom, the sky is known as The Drab, and above that is The Heavens.

Average temperature is 20°C during the day and 10°C at night. Generally, it is raining. A light drizzle.

The land has a unique Midderlands Calendar