Stonehell was a prison dug by the prisoners over two hundred years ago.

A long time ago one hundred prisoners were drawn from the ranks of the Sterling Potentate‘s dungeons and carted here to the outskirts of Brignorth. There, in a small box canyon, the prisoners were forced into a cave and handed tools of excavation. They were then commanded to begin digging. It was to be their task to excavate a new dungeon to serve as their place of incarceration.

It is believed that in time, even the bravest or most callous of guards ceased to patrol too deeply into Stonehell. Rumors begin to spread as to how far the prisoners had dug into the earth.

It is unknown what the ultimate fate of the prison would have been had the coup d‘état that ousted the Potentate from power not occurred. When his palace was set ablaze and the Potentate forced to flee for his life, the gates of Stonehell were thrown open to release those incarcerated during his rule. Those who were present that day refused to speak about what they found beyond the doors of the prison. It is known that only a small portion of the prison‘s inmates were freed, staggering into the sunlight that they had not experienced in decades. That was more than a hundred years ago and locals to this day still stay clear of this place.