11 Hello My Precious

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Summary: This sessions adventurers * Siron * Canny * Edvard * Nfiy * Furon * Flint * Bolbo * Chrys ## Moonday 26 . . .


< ## Moonday 26 Second Harvest


> == Moonday 26 Second Harvest


> They hear more Orcs moving around so decide to rest in an old Dormitory for the night, sealing themselves in.

This sessions adventurers

Moonday 26 Second Harvest

Our intrepid adventurer’s decided that instead of descending a level again they would finish exploring around the grand staircase down, they travelled through the ruined kitchen where they had burn the slime into an abandoned dining room in a state of disarray. They travelled down a few corridors until they came to a doorway. Underneath they could smell cooking pork.

Bolbo opened the door to see 5 Cannibals spitroasting a human figure. As the door opened the smoke blew towards them and the 5 cannibals charged towards them. After a brief battle they dispatched them.

Not wishing to remain longer than necessary they continued their journey and found a room with pornographic images on the wall and lots of spider webs. As they were investigating the room they heard the footsteps of marching feet. They were greeted by Kobold patrol (who they had previously befriended). The Kobolds warned them of a large number of Orcs to the South and to be careful.

As they entered a large chamber with 5’ columns they saw an orc run away and a few seconds later a gong alarm started sounding. They quickly headed South and came to a chamber as more Orcs poured in hiding behind a defensive wall. After a couple of rounds of combat Furon cast a sleep spell and the party killed all the orcs. A couple had managed to escape and wasting no time to search bodies they pursued them. As they entered the Orc dining room they were met with a barrage of arrows. Undeterred our intrepid Heroes, dispatched them with no mercy.

They discovered the Orc’s chieftain hidden in a room and he put up a valiant fight with a Great Axe, but once slain they took his axe and found 100sp hidden in the room. They decided to push on.

Bolbo sneaked forward to a chamber with two large statues pointing at each other. As he walked between them a surge of lightning wisped passed his head narrowly missing him. Chrys returned for the gong and they made a dart for it using the gong to try and miss the lightning which everyone nearly succeeded. Flint was unsuccessful but got hit on the arse by the lightning as he scrambled through.

Bolbo continued to stealth ahead and was rushed by a horde of Giant Rats, after a couple of nips he fell back to allow the party to deal with them. They hunted the rest of the rat-pack down in an Orc waste room.

One of the rats killed was wearing a collar with the word Precious on it. During this fight they were aware a Dwarf was watching from the North.

After the battle Canny strikes up a conversation with the Dwarves who are assistants to Snorri Broadshoulders a Dwarf who is mapping the Dwarven stonework of Stonehell.

They hear more Orcs moving around so decide to rest in an old Dormitory for the night, sealing themselves in.

Total XP: 315 2nd Level, 218 3rd Level