Siron Garm

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< |=Armour Class |20 |=HP |8 |


> |=Armour Class |20 |=HP |23 |


< Two first level spells per day.


> Three first level spells per day.

Class Cleric Alignment Lawful
Armour Class 20HP 23
Age ?Sex M
Encumbrance Severely Move 30’(10’)

Ability Scores

Ability Base (Mod)Type
Charisma 13 (+1)Retainer recruitment, Loyalty
Constitution 16 (+2)Hit points, daily travel distance
Dexterity 15 (+1)AC, Ranged AB, Initiative
Intelligence 11 (0)Saves vs Magic effects, Languages
Strength 17 (+2)Melee AB, Open Doors
Wisdom 15 (+1)Saves vs non magic effects

Common Activities

Architecture1Bushcraft1Climbing 1Languages 1
Open Doors 1Search 1Sleight of hand1Sneak Attack -
Stealth 1Tinkering 1

Saving Throws

Paralyze 14
Poison 11
Breath Weapon 16
Magical Device12
Magic 15

Spells Three first level spells per day.