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Edward Kelly

Class Magic-UserLevel 1Alignment Neutral
Armour Class 16HP 7
Age ?Sex M Current XP 0
Encumbrance Unenc.Move 120’(40’)XP for next level 2,250

Ability Scores

Ability Base (Mod)Type
Charisma 16 (+2)Retainer recruitment, Loyalty
Constitution 13 (+1)Hit points, daily travel distance
Dexterity 17 (+2)AC, Ranged AB, Initiative
Intelligence 16 (+2)Saves vs Magic effects, Languages
Strength 12 (0)Melee AB, Open Doors
Wisdom 11 (0)Saves vs non magic effects

Common Activities

Architecture1Bushcraft1Climbing 1Languages 1
Open Doors 1Search 1Sleight of hand1Sneak Attack -
Stealth 1Tinkering 1

Saving Throws

Paralyze 13
Poison 13
Breath Weapon 16
Magical Device13
Magic 14


Read Magic
Magic-User Level 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 0
By means of Read Magic, the caster can decipher magical inscriptions on objects—books, scrolls, weapons, and the like—that would otherwise be unintelligible. This does not normally invoke the magic contained in the writing, although it can do so in the case of a cursed scroll. Furthermore, once the spell is cast and the caster has read the magical inscription, he thereafter is able to read that particular writing without recourse to the use of Read Magic. All spellbooks are written such that only the Elf or Magic-User who owns the book can decipher it without the use of this spell. Each casting of the spell allows the reading of 1d4 items.

If a character loses access to Read Magic (a spellbook is stolen or destroyed, for instance), the character must research the spell as if it was unknown to him and then written up in a new spellbook.

Magic-User Level 1
Duration: 1 Round/level
Range: Touch
When the subject of this spell touches a book, it animates, forming a mouth around the edge where the paper shows. The subject can ask the book one question per Round, and if the information is contained within the book, it will answer. If anyone else approaches or asks questions the book snaps and growls that Round instead of answering a question. Intelligent books can save to resist the spell (as a Magic-User of a level equal to the author). Magical books do not impart their effect when they answer. The spell is a shortcut to actually reading a book, and it will not give more information than a careful reading would.

Magic-User Level 1
Duration: 1 Turn/level
Range: 5’/level
This spell causes instant growth (and corresponding increase in weight and damage done) of a single object or creature that is in visible range. This increase changes a creature’s size by 20% per caster level, up to three times the original size of the creature. The effectiveness of this spell is half of this on non-living objects, which are only enlarged 10% per level and to a maximum of double the original size of the object. The caster can affect a 10’ cube of living matter per level or a 5’ cube per level of non-living matter.

Magical item properties are not affected by this spell. For instance, a wand will have the same function even though it is increased to the size of a staff, and potion dosages are not increased, though they may take longer to drink. Objects do become stronger or heavier, so that a small rock gains the weight of an appropriately sized larger one, and a person enlarged will have a strength appropriate to his size (as an ogre or a giant, for example) with corresponding strength adjustments.

The damage done by an Enlarged character during mêlée is increased by the same percentage as his size.

Unseen Servant
Magic-User Level 1
Duration: 6 Turns +1 Turn/level
Range: 0
An Unseen Servant is an invisible, mindless, shapeless force that performs simple tasks at the caster’s command. It can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend. It can open only normal doors, drawers, lids, and the like. It can lift 20 pounds or drag 40 pounds. The Servant cannot attack in any way, and it cannot be killed because it is a magical force, not a living thing.