Class Fighter Level 1Alignment Neutral
Armour Class 18M 19R 17NS 14S HP 0/9Attack Bonus +2 (+4M +3R)
Age 22Sex M Current XP 96
Encumbrance Heavily Move 60’(20’)XP for next level 1,500

Ability Scores

Ability Base (Mod)Type
Charisma 8 (-1)Retainer recruitment, Loyalty
Constitution 14 (+1)Hit points, daily travel distance
Dexterity 14 (+1)AC, Ranged AB, Initiative
Intelligence 4 (-2)Saves vs Magic effects, Languages
Strength 16 (+2)Melee AB, Open Doors
Wisdom 7 (-1)Saves vs non magic effects

Common Activities

Architecture1Bushcraft1Climbing1Languages-1Open Doors3
Search1Sleight of hand1Sneak Attack-Stealth1Tinkering1

Saving Throws

Breath Weapon15
Magical Device13

Combat Options

Standard AttackAB+0 AC+0
Parry+4 AC
PressAB+2 AC-4
DefensiveAB-4 AC+2
ChargeMove full speed, AC-2, double damage


Weapons & Armor

Weapon ABDamage
Sword (Medium)+41d8

Miscellaneous Gear

Encumbrance Points: 9 items, 1 oversized items; 3 Points.
Coins: 18sp 2cp.
Starting wealth: 160 sp.
non-encumbrering & Oversized Encumbrance Chart


Aethelhelm is a fierce and unrepentent warrior who’s dumb as a bag of hammers.
Broken Nose. Leprosy.