2019-08-08 Numadu Omala

moderately sized town of Rugly in Barony of Stappershire.

Retired Explorer: Mal told us that there is a dungeon in the side of a canyon which might have some nice loot and probably some evil stuff. Probably a great place to make money. Not a secret anymore. Lots of people have been heard to go in there and never return.

The Lord Orworth III has caught word of it – he governs the region. He’s got claim over it. The lord seems to be letting folks trespass into it. He’s put a reward fro finding the loot inside (“might be rewarded with Shadowbrook manor” which is supposedly a nice place previously owned by a wizard).

We’re starting in a tavern! We decide to go to the castle to pester the lord. The guards say he’s a young lord just learning how to govern. THe lord is fucking 10 years old. Definitely has a regent. We could hide whatever we don’t want the lord to see.

We buy a ten foot pole and a dog and head out toward the dungeon. We exit town & head west through the forest of Karnchase (splel). We find the dungeon in the mid-afternoon. U-shaped canyon with a broken gatehouse in the mouth of it. Chalk graffiti says “wine kills green slime.” Giant serpent swallowed a giannt ruby the size of a fist. Watch out for the badits. Goblins hide loot. Cleared by Circle of Six --Yeah I’ll bet. Dicks. Names. Scaly bastards can’t be trusted - killed Cydil and stole gold. The cliffs have eyes.

4 ruins in the vicinity. 3 ruins are wimpy grody former buildings. Last one is larger, rectangular. Crumbling roof exposes floor to sky. Statue with armored guy, helmet beside him – could be deity. Someone in town may know about this one.

pool of water and waterfall comes from cavern to right.

Plaque: “Beware all who enter. these be nighted halls of stone. … [missed some of it] stony hell”

Level 1 Hell's Antechamber

Wielding sword and shield, I march first into the 30 foot hallway, through the staircase that goes 60 feet down.

There a room with vaulted cieling. Passages and doors all around – 5 in total, 2 to left, 3 to right.

We choose South: bust open a door and find some crap. This room is disgusting. vinegar, smashed kitchen. Another door in here, though. Lucy searches through the crap. She found a thing with a lock on it. We found a jar of spices (good for 2 uses)! Lucy claims those and saves those for cooking later on.

We open that door and it’s a dining room. This room is messed up. Another door to the left.

We find some rat-people, hobbling around. They’re bloodied. They might be kobolds! They tell us they were just attacked by cannibal monsters. They’d just come to trade. They come from the southeastern region of the labyrinth. THe kobolds lead us southeast

[i miss some stuff]

boot room. Opens to two different sections.

Iver enters down into level 2: The Asylum. He’s there… looking for boots. We maybe found some boots. We put them in my sack.