2019-08-15 Numadu Omala

Rat (5 XP) orcs (70 xp)

These are the direction we got from the kobolds: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/606324275586007042/611723074361884682/unknown.png

dwarven surveyor team. 4-5 dwarves. Snorri Broadshoulders - surveyor

got sword

we fight some rats who don’t like light. Iver saves the rat and tries to dress it but fails epically. decapitates the rat and keeps the head.

we meet some red skinned orcs. Iver mentioned that these might be the cannibals.

Right, forward, and left. We move forward. Intersection right left (chalked sign with orcish grafitti “Open Sore Tribe – Keep Out”) forward (curves rightwards). I vandalize the orcish graffiti with “orcs suck” in Elven. We move Forward. Bends left and opens into hall. CRUMBLING! 7 orcs are roasting a dead beetle. An orc slashes down Iver. I killed 1 orc! Merrick kills an orc! We retreat back to the room with dwarves. Iver’s last words: Sings a death song in Giant (troll hymn). Snorri is dead. Merrick dies, telling me: “Promise me you’ll get treasure.”

Merrick’s body: 30 sp small weapon (spiked club), lantern, spellbook, 3 lamp oil, 4 rations, leather armor, backpack.

small weapon lantern spellbook (light, comprehend lang, read magic, faerie fire), waterskin, lamp oilx3 Iron ration x4, bedroll, mallet, leather armor, backpack, steel mirror, wooden spikesx4, sp 30

I carried the bodies of Iver and Merrick across the table bridge one at a time. On the second pass the table breaks and I fall in a pit trap screaming “I should have just left them.”

New Character Rolled Stats: Charisma 8 Constitution 7 Dexterity 14 Intelligence 4 Strength 16 Wisdom 14; 160 sp! Fighter!