2019-08-22 Æthelhelm

My notes copied over from my etherpad.

we got in a fight in the opium den
Laudenum Emporium. Bought a bottle 2cp.
Trickster’s Hall: theives hang out there.
Inn costs 5 sp.
Outer ruins: Saint Ross warhammer and a pot. Stoic saint.
We check out the copse of trees and discover that there is a group of diseased thugs. They engage us in combat. We kill 4 bandits (40 xp), but I got stabbed with a leprosy-knife. Loot 12sp, 14cp (13 xp) (split between Austin/Hostage and I) probably leprosy infected. 4 lepor daggers.
We find five goats, 3 females (25 xp). John & Sam sell two goats for 10sp.
Austin and I discover that leprosy is, in fact, quantifiable.
We leave Stonehell back for Rugly.
We return to Rugly and schmooze. I buy a mule (25sp) and Pavel buys a cart. leprosy_cave.jpeg