2019-08-29 Æthelhelm

These notes are from my etherpad.


I AM FROM RUGLY Food prices are tripled. Thank god, some goblins to murder for pay! Point of Order: Rugly has over 1000 residents and so they have urban prices.
Mercenary companies: Fraternal Company of the Black Swan (knights who hate demihumans). Green Shield with White Lady (kngihts & squires led by senior knight - five years and does generic chivalry). Order of the Dragon (highborn knights). Order of the Golden Spur (run by cleric). (Apparently not very keen on leprosy-afflicted mercenaries).
Mercenaries hang out in a guildhall called “The Silent Demon”. Bejeweled stern bald man in mercenary hall. 5sp for each goblin head. The goblins are probably coming from Stonehell.

Stonehell Environs

Invisible creatures (probably kobolds) attack us during the night. stonehell_canyon.jpg

Leaf Cave

We investigate close right-hand lead cave. leaf-cave_map1.jpg “R. [address] jewels and stuff past the acolytes. Wasps.” We find a piece of glowing chalk in a grody old camping site, a fire beetle eating a goat kid, and a slime room and I’d rather not.
We check out a building. 3 of the four buildings in the canyon are empty. 10-foot high stone statue of Saint Ross carrying a warhammer and a pot.

Ominous Passage

We look at the Ominous Passage. Weird stone square room in the center that’s totally clean and abrrne. Room to the left is a weird room. Room to the right is a skeleton room. We had to escape and had to sacrifice a dog to do so. [image:Ominous_passage.jpg]?




4 bandits ambush us while still in the canyon! With Pavels dogs and Alex’s stout mace, we murder the shit out of them. Loot 6sp 7cp (2sp 2 cp each (3cp to Pavel)) and they have a figurine of a dolphin that’s wet to the touch. I decapitate the bandits and burn the hair away rolling them into the nope room of nasty slime. The slime eats away at the heads. We leave.


We step into the dungeon. We go into the stairs.
Pit trap: we find the body of the mage who’d died: He has Summon, Bookspeak, and Floating Disc in his spellbook.
We die to a big acid-spitting lizard.