2019-09-06 Dagaric Whitman

Laudanum Tavern

Laudanum dealer? sells a single dose of laudanum. Tobacco shortage. Main supply comes from Esterburg which is to the east. Esterburg the city is ? miles away.

Dungeon Environs

Wall with Writing

“A bottomless chasm exists in the dungeon Raegar’s Tips” While not every game of chance in stonhell is rigged, bet with caution.
- Raegar’s Tips.[/quote]


60 feet down into the dungeon.


hallway with dead elf and dead

toad fight

two toads. big one’s wounds full of eggs!
Bullets fired: 2
50 XP each!
We escape the likely approaching toad army.


We climb back up

dead surveyors

we find some dead 1st_floor2.jpg

Double Ogre rooms with Double death

Alex’s corpse has no


we escape back with our ladder. back to town safely.

Back to Town

We sleep in the inn. We have an altercation with I buy a crowbar for 2sp. We split 4sp each from Numadu’s coin purse and I keep 5cp.


Cannibal Tunnel

[image:2nd_floor.jpg]?We kill some cannibals for 50xp.

Dolls in the hallway

We find some dolls in the hallway and hear giggling from beyond.