2019-09-19 Henry and Oscar

We’re playing as side characters: Henry the wizard and Arthur Torchwick the monster-hunter (branded with cross on his chest). My ambition is murder. There’s a mean wizard in Rugly. I buy Arthur: a backpack, Lantern, 3 flasks of lamp oil, 3 standard rations, 3 torches, 10 candles, and a flask of holy water. Esterburg is not prosperous anymore. Some quests


We travel west to the Stonehell. We walk into the ominous place with bones. Six skeletons! I kill a skeleton! A skeleton grapples me and Arthur cracks it apart. The skeletons eat me and Arthur kills them. In my dying moment, I give Arthur my epic spellbook.

Back at town

Arthur manages to tell the guildmembers that he’d killed the bone monster (clearly not what we were hunting). He’s paid 500sp! Arthur joins the Order of Saint Steffon. Arthur loans Oscar (my new character) 15sp for a quiver and arrows.

Next Venture

Oscar the Cleric, Arthur Torchwick, and Harold the Cleric venture into the


We fight some zombies. I deplete a spell die attempting to heal Harold. We kill the zombies (150 xp). On the zombies is a red token that has many crosses indented in it. It’s attracted to metal. RED MAGNET.

Forest Foolishness

We go wandering in the forest and encounter a strange monster. Harold thinks its a faerie. Looks like a demon. It’s drowning animals for fun.

Back at Town

We return to town afer some weird shit. We rest.