Regional Map

House Rules

Shields shall be splintered (sacrifice shield instead of taking dmg). Spears and halberds always have first strike.

Lunch: 1d6 hp recover after cooking, bring more ingredients and shit for more hp. See the full rules.
Long Rests: Comfortable rest restores half hp, resting in a very nice place restores all hp. In a poor inn you heal as per LotFP rules. Average inn: half HP + Healing injuries. Very Nice Inn → full HP.

Carousing/Funerals/Construction: Gets you xp for spending as well as retrieving the loot.

Magic Users and Clerics use spell dice (mana) instead of known spells:

7+spell lvl = success.
1-2 = lose dice.
2+magic user lvl = total spell dice

Cleric spells:

Death & Dismemberment Table

Death, Taxes, and Death Taxes

Socializing - Make a reaction (2d6) roll, modify by Charisma and current reaction. Optional list of social actions

Maps: If someone has a map in there hands I will map for them, if not they have to map themselves


The Cheesy Scoundrels

Character Creation Quickstart
Blank Character Sheet and Alternative. Visit the Graveyard.

CharacterClassLevelXP CurrentXP Next LevelPlayer
Dagaric WhitfootHalfling1?2000Ian
[[Harold?]]Cleric1?1750Messie Ventura
Brother OscarCleric1?1750Ian

Group History & Reputation

Arthur joined St. Stephens militant order at Rudgley for slaying the Bone thing and holding his liquor (+1)


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