Dagaric Whitfoot

Class Halfling Level 1Alignment Neutral
Armor Class 18M 19R 17N 15S HP 0/6Attack Bonus +1 (M+1 R+3)
Age 45Sex M Current XP 213
Encumbrance Heavily Move 60’(20’)XP for next level 2,000

Ability Scores

Ability Base (Mod)Type
Charisma 12 (0)Retainer recruitment, Loyalty
Constitution 12 (0)Hit points, daily travel distance
Dexterity 13 (2)AC, Ranged AB, Initiative
Intelligence 10 (0)Saves vs Magic effects, Languages
Strength 10 (0)Melee AB, Open Doors
Wisdom 7 (-1)Saves vs non magic effects

Common Activities

Architecture1Bushcraft3Climbing 1Languages 1Open Doors 1
Search 1Sleight of hand1Sneak Attack -Stealth 5Tinkering 1

Saving Throws

Paralyze 10
Poison 8
Breath Weapon 13
Magical Device9
Magic 12

Combat Options

Standard AttackAB+0 AC+0
Parry+2 AC
PressAB+2 AC-4
DefensiveAB-4 AC+2
ChargeMove full speed, AC-2, double damage


Weapons & Armor

Dagger (5sp)+11d4
Short Sword (10sp)+11d610’20’30’
Sling (5cp)+31d450’300’450’

Targets at Medium range are –2 to hit, –4 to hit at Long range. Slings fired with stones instead of bullets have half the listed range.

Miscellaneous Gear

Encumbrance Points: 12 items, 1 oversized items; 3 Points.
Coins: 44sp 8cp.
Starting wealth: 120 sp.
Non-encumbrering & Oversized Encumbrance Chart


Dagaric Whitfoot is a young halfling bravo. He’s out on an adventure from his village of Hobbitville.
Cracked Ribs for 14 days. I have a sack of potatoes.



Doesn’t Speak