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2019-09-26 Dagaric Whitfoot

escape the dungeon

We run away from danger. I pay 1sp for a poor inn. We spend another night in the inn.


We find a small farm that’s been attacked and ruined by goblins. Old man Farmer named Manfrid with large sunken yet bulging eyes. goblins ran off to the west with potatoes. The goblins were deformed-looking. I track the goblins by their finger nails, hair clumps, and dropped potatoes northwest to a hole with steps leading down in a hillside full of foliage.

goblin hole

Goblin Hole Map1 Natural Limestone cave. Short cave entrance opens into a larger area. 3 egresses ahead. We choose northernmost.

shit and piss room

bones, ammonia, piss, shit. Lots of eyes.

Twisting tunnel

grease and lots of hair on the walls and ground. We follow the tunnel until we get into a hole in a carved, smoothed hallway. west hair, east rat chittering. We go west.

Hair Goblin Brushing

We find an archway into a larger room. There’s a stairwell in the corner of this room. Lots of hair in this room. There’s a stray crossbow on the floor. Auburn grabs the crossbow. There’s another passage sw going south. We also find two hair-covered creatures brushing each other. 5 xp for dead goblin. I killed a goblin.

Hair Goblins 2

10 xp for fighting goblins. Auburn threw his lantern again. Light my lantern and give it to Austin. Potato scraps! I tie-up two goblins who’d surrendered.

Square room

rotted rug, desk table, chairw ith tall hairy goblin hiding under the desk. Leader gives up after I hit him in the head. Potatoes in throne room. hairy men painted on the wall. 25 xp for fighting goblin king. Cracked ribs for 14 days and an interesting scar.

Return to town

We make it back to town with the potatoes and hair-rope and 2 crossbows. The haul altogether is worth 73sp, 73xp. Manfrid gives us a sack of potatoes as payment. I sleep in Manfrid’s house for 14 days.

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2019-09-19 Henry and Oscar

We’re playing as side characters: Henry the wizard and Arthur Torchwick the monster-hunter (branded with cross on his chest). My ambition is murder. There’s a mean wizard in Rugly. I buy Arthur: a backpack, Lantern, 3 flasks of lamp oil, 3 standard rations, 3 torches, 10 candles, and a flask of holy water. Esterburg is not prosperous anymore. Some quests

  • Retrieve a bone from the bone-thing of terrible bones. (500sp)
  • Retrieve water from the putrid pool.
  • Snorri Broadshoulders who went to map out Stonehell.


We travel west to the Stonehell. We walk into the ominous place with bones. Six skeletons! I kill a skeleton! A skeleton grapples me and Arthur cracks it apart. The skeletons eat me and Arthur kills them. In my dying moment, I give Arthur my epic spellbook.

Back at town

Arthur manages to tell the guildmembers that he’d killed the bone monster (clearly not what we were hunting). He’s paid 500sp! Arthur joins the Order of Saint Steffon. Arthur loans Oscar (my new character) 15sp for a quiver and arrows.

Next Venture

Oscar the Cleric, Arthur Torchwick, and Harold the Cleric venture into the


We fight some zombies. I deplete a spell die attempting to heal Harold. We kill the zombies (150 xp). On the zombies is a red token that has many crosses indented in it. It’s attracted to metal. RED MAGNET.

Forest Foolishness

We go wandering in the forest and encounter a strange monster. Harold thinks its a faerie. Looks like a demon. It’s drowning animals for fun.

Back at Town

We return to town afer some weird shit. We rest.

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2019-09-06 Dagaric Whitman

Laudanum Tavern

Laudanum dealer? sells a single dose of laudanum. Tobacco shortage. Main supply comes from Esterburg which is to the east. Esterburg the city is ? miles away.

Dungeon Environs

Wall with Writing

“A bottomless chasm exists in the dungeon Raegar’s Tips” While not every game of chance in stonhell is rigged, bet with caution.
- Raegar’s Tips.[/quote]


60 feet down into the dungeon.


hallway with dead elf and dead

toad fight

two toads. big one’s wounds full of eggs!
Bullets fired: 2
50 XP each!
We escape the likely approaching toad army.


We climb back up

dead surveyors

we find some dead 1st_floor2.jpg

Double Ogre rooms with Double death

Alex’s corpse has no


we escape back with our ladder. back to town safely.

Back to Town

We sleep in the inn. We have an altercation with I buy a crowbar for 2sp. We split 4sp each from Numadu’s coin purse and I keep 5cp.


Cannibal Tunnel

[image:2nd_floor.jpg]?We kill some cannibals for 50xp.

Dolls in the hallway

We find some dolls in the hallway and hear giggling from beyond.

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2019-08-29 Æthelhelm

These notes are from my etherpad.


I AM FROM RUGLY Food prices are tripled. Thank god, some goblins to murder for pay! Point of Order: Rugly has over 1000 residents and so they have urban prices.
Mercenary companies: Fraternal Company of the Black Swan (knights who hate demihumans). Green Shield with White Lady (kngihts & squires led by senior knight - five years and does generic chivalry). Order of the Dragon (highborn knights). Order of the Golden Spur (run by cleric). (Apparently not very keen on leprosy-afflicted mercenaries).
Mercenaries hang out in a guildhall called “The Silent Demon”. Bejeweled stern bald man in mercenary hall. 5sp for each goblin head. The goblins are probably coming from Stonehell.

Stonehell Environs

Invisible creatures (probably kobolds) attack us during the night. stonehell_canyon.jpg

Leaf Cave

We investigate close right-hand lead cave. leaf-cave_map1.jpg “R. [address] jewels and stuff past the acolytes. Wasps.” We find a piece of glowing chalk in a grody old camping site, a fire beetle eating a goat kid, and a slime room and I’d rather not.
We check out a building. 3 of the four buildings in the canyon are empty. 10-foot high stone statue of Saint Ross carrying a warhammer and a pot.

Ominous Passage

We look at the Ominous Passage. Weird stone square room in the center that’s totally clean and abrrne. Room to the left is a weird room. Room to the right is a skeleton room. We had to escape and had to sacrifice a dog to do so. [image:Ominous_passage.jpg]?




4 bandits ambush us while still in the canyon! With Pavels dogs and Alex’s stout mace, we murder the shit out of them. Loot 6sp 7cp (2sp 2 cp each (3cp to Pavel)) and they have a figurine of a dolphin that’s wet to the touch. I decapitate the bandits and burn the hair away rolling them into the nope room of nasty slime. The slime eats away at the heads. We leave.


We step into the dungeon. We go into the stairs.
Pit trap: we find the body of the mage who’d died: He has Summon, Bookspeak, and Floating Disc in his spellbook.
We die to a big acid-spitting lizard.

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2019-08-22 Æthelhelm

My notes copied over from my etherpad.

we got in a fight in the opium den
Laudenum Emporium. Bought a bottle 2cp.
Trickster’s Hall: theives hang out there.
Inn costs 5 sp.
Outer ruins: Saint Ross warhammer and a pot. Stoic saint.
We check out the copse of trees and discover that there is a group of diseased thugs. They engage us in combat. We kill 4 bandits (40 xp), but I got stabbed with a leprosy-knife. Loot 12sp, 14cp (13 xp) (split between Austin/Hostage and I) probably leprosy infected. 4 lepor daggers.
We find five goats, 3 females (25 xp). John & Sam sell two goats for 10sp.
Austin and I discover that leprosy is, in fact, quantifiable.
We leave Stonehell back for Rugly.
We return to Rugly and schmooze. I buy a mule (25sp) and Pavel buys a cart. leprosy_cave.jpeg

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2019-08-15 Numadu Omala

Rat (5 XP) orcs (70 xp)

These are the direction we got from the kobolds:

dwarven surveyor team. 4-5 dwarves. Snorri Broadshoulders - surveyor

got sword

we fight some rats who don’t like light. Iver saves the rat and tries to dress it but fails epically. decapitates the rat and keeps the head.

we meet some red skinned orcs. Iver mentioned that these might be the cannibals.

Right, forward, and left. We move forward. Intersection right left (chalked sign with orcish grafitti “Open Sore Tribe – Keep Out”) forward (curves rightwards). I vandalize the orcish graffiti with “orcs suck” in Elven. We move Forward. Bends left and opens into hall. CRUMBLING! 7 orcs are roasting a dead beetle. An orc slashes down Iver. I killed 1 orc! Merrick kills an orc! We retreat back to the room with dwarves. Iver’s last words: Sings a death song in Giant (troll hymn). Snorri is dead. Merrick dies, telling me: “Promise me you’ll get treasure.”

Merrick’s body: 30 sp small weapon (spiked club), lantern, spellbook, 3 lamp oil, 4 rations, leather armor, backpack.

small weapon lantern spellbook (light, comprehend lang, read magic, faerie fire), waterskin, lamp oilx3 Iron ration x4, bedroll, mallet, leather armor, backpack, steel mirror, wooden spikesx4, sp 30

I carried the bodies of Iver and Merrick across the table bridge one at a time. On the second pass the table breaks and I fall in a pit trap screaming “I should have just left them.”

New Character Rolled Stats: Charisma 8 Constitution 7 Dexterity 14 Intelligence 4 Strength 16 Wisdom 14; 160 sp! Fighter!

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2019-08-08 Numadu Omala

moderately sized town of Rugly in Barony of Stappershire.

Retired Explorer: Mal told us that there is a dungeon in the side of a canyon which might have some nice loot and probably some evil stuff. Probably a great place to make money. Not a secret anymore. Lots of people have been heard to go in there and never return.

The Lord Orworth III has caught word of it – he governs the region. He’s got claim over it. The lord seems to be letting folks trespass into it. He’s put a reward fro finding the loot inside (“might be rewarded with Shadowbrook manor” which is supposedly a nice place previously owned by a wizard).

We’re starting in a tavern! We decide to go to the castle to pester the lord. The guards say he’s a young lord just learning how to govern. THe lord is fucking 10 years old. Definitely has a regent. We could hide whatever we don’t want the lord to see.

We buy a ten foot pole and a dog and head out toward the dungeon. We exit town & head west through the forest of Karnchase (splel). We find the dungeon in the mid-afternoon. U-shaped canyon with a broken gatehouse in the mouth of it. Chalk graffiti says “wine kills green slime.” Giant serpent swallowed a giannt ruby the size of a fist. Watch out for the badits. Goblins hide loot. Cleared by Circle of Six --Yeah I’ll bet. Dicks. Names. Scaly bastards can’t be trusted - killed Cydil and stole gold. The cliffs have eyes.

4 ruins in the vicinity. 3 ruins are wimpy grody former buildings. Last one is larger, rectangular. Crumbling roof exposes floor to sky. Statue with armored guy, helmet beside him – could be deity. Someone in town may know about this one.

pool of water and waterfall comes from cavern to right.

Plaque: “Beware all who enter. these be nighted halls of stone. … [missed some of it] stony hell”

Level 1 Hell's Antechamber

Wielding sword and shield, I march first into the 30 foot hallway, through the staircase that goes 60 feet down.

There a room with vaulted cieling. Passages and doors all around – 5 in total, 2 to left, 3 to right.

We choose South: bust open a door and find some crap. This room is disgusting. vinegar, smashed kitchen. Another door in here, though. Lucy searches through the crap. She found a thing with a lock on it. We found a jar of spices (good for 2 uses)! Lucy claims those and saves those for cooking later on.

We open that door and it’s a dining room. This room is messed up. Another door to the left.

We find some rat-people, hobbling around. They’re bloodied. They might be kobolds! They tell us they were just attacked by cannibal monsters. They’d just come to trade. They come from the southeastern region of the labyrinth. THe kobolds lead us southeast

[i miss some stuff]

boot room. Opens to two different sections.

Iver enters down into level 2: The Asylum. He’s there… looking for boots. We maybe found some boots. We put them in my sack.

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