So you’ve been using the wiki hive for a while and now you want to move it somewhere else?

Text Files, HTML Files

Make a Backup and restore it to a new site!


Maybe you are using a tool that allows you to import pages from an RSS file? Here how to produce an RSS file containing all your pages including the full page content. All you need to do is to use an URL following this pattern:


Delete Everything

Once you’ve made your backup, you can replace every page with the DeletedPage tag. Here’s how to do it:

for p in *; do
  echo "Deleting: $p"
  curl -F frodo=1 -F "title=$p" -F text=DeletedPage "https://campaignwiki.org/wiki/NameOfYourWiki" 
  sleep 5

Or if you don’t have a local backup and you no longer care about your wiki—the following instructions will get a list of all the pages on your wiki and delete them.

for p in $(curl "https://campaignwiki.org/wiki/NameOfYourWiki?action=index;raw=1"); do
  echo "Deleting: $p"
  curl -F frodo=1 -F "title=$p" -F text=DeletedPage -F summary=Deleted -F username=Alex "https://campaignwiki.org/wiki/NameOfYourWiki" 
  sleep 5