Aardvark, Giant

Giant aardvarks resemble their smaller cousins, with a long, pig-like snout, rabbit-like ears, and a kangaroo-like tail. Instead of digging for termites like the normal aardvark, giant aardvarks, which can measure as large as twenty feet in length, tend to dig into cottages and subterranean burrows for large prey such as humans, goblins, and ankhegs. The giant aardvark’s tongue is ten feet long, and is used to suck prey into the aardvark’s mouth. A successful hit with the tongue forces the target to make a saving throw or be yanked into the aardvark’s mouth and swallowed. The monster can be attacked from within (at an AC of 9[10]) but only with a short weapon such as a dagger. Anyone inside the aardvark’s stomach takes 1d6 points of damage per round as he is digested. Giant aardvarks don’t eat more than a couple of people before they lose interest.

Giant Aardvark: HD 9; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 tongue (swallows), 2 claws (1d8); Save 6; Move 6; CL 11; XP 1700; Special: Swallow whole.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL