Demons are evil creatures of chaos. They are diverse in form and abilities, and although the ones presented here are mainly demon races, many unique demons exist as well. Demon lords are always unique. Demons primarily dwell in demon worlds within the planes of chaos, where wars frequently rage between demon lords or chaotic gods, with lower demons often used as fodder. Demons may also travel to the astral plane, the ethereal plane, and the plane of shadow. They are generally barred from entering the material plane unless summoned via a gate. All demons may only be destroyed permanently when on the planes of chaos; otherwise when their material form is destroyed their essence returns to chaos where it takes 100 years to form a new body, unless aided by a demon lord or summoned via a gate. The exception is lower order demons, which are permanently destroyed when killed on any plane.

Demons are true to their chaotic natures and do not respect or adhere to a formal chain of authority. As a consequence, the rule of demon worlds is by fear and violence, and is always in flux, with constant back stabbing and intrigue amongst the demon lords and higher servants.

However, despite the lack of a formal demon hierarchy, it is useful to divide them by general power level into lower order (1-4 HD), standard order (5-8 HD), higher order (9+ HD), and demon lord (21+ HD) ranks. Demon lords have the innate ability to “promote” demons of lower orders to higher orders, which generally means an increase in HD and other innate abilities. Through these means the less powerful demons serve their betters in hopes of becoming powerful in time.

Demons vary in their abilities and weakness, but have some abilities or immunities in common. All demons have the following common abilities:

Infravision (90’) Half damage from cold-based attacks Half damage from electrical-based attacks Half damage from fire-based attacks (all) Half damage from gas-type attacks Gate (varies in expression, not available to lower order demons) Telepathy (allows all languages to be understood) Teleport without error (not available to lower order demons)

Note that all demon spell-like abilities (unless otherwise noted) function at the minimum class level required to use the similar spell, or as the demon’s HD in levels, whichever is higher. They are usable once each round.

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Demons are creatures of the lower planes of existence, but they are occasionally encountered in places where they have been enslaved to serve as guardians by powerful magic-users or evil priests. The more intelligent varieties might also be interrupted while carrying out plots of their own.

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