Devils are evil creatures from the plane of order. Though they are lawful, they support the ideals of law through domination and foul acts. They respect lawfulness, but a twisted form that is heavily infused with treachery and deceit. They adhere to an order of command with arch-devils at the top of the hierarchy. Particularly powerful arch-devils rule their own domain on the plane of order (a kind of demi-plane), and sometimes encroach upon the plane of balance. Devils are divided into three main types, lesser, greater, and arch-devils. Arch-devils, like demon lords, are unique beings. The lesser and greater devils belong to devilish races, and arch-devils may promote individuals that transform into a new race until they work their way toward becoming an arch-devil (a rare event). There is overlap in the power of lesser and greater devils, with some of the most powerful lesser devils being more powerful than the less powerful of the greater devils. However, this is the price of promotion and ambition in the devil hierarchy, and some lesser devils choose to remain of lower rank to bask in this power. There are many more arch-devils and devilish races than are detailed here, and the Game Master should create new beings as the need arises.

Devils may travel through the plane of order freely. They may also venture to the astral plane, the plane of balance, and the plane of beasts. They may not enter other planes unless summoned via a gate or some similar means. If arch-devils or higher devils are killed on another plane, their essence is transported to the plane of order where it reforms in 20 years. Lesser devils killed on any plane are destroyed forever, and arch-devils and greater devils killed on the plane of order are permanently destroyed.

Different arch-devils or devil races have varying powers. All lesser devils are susceptible to damage from ordinary weapons. Greater devils and arch-devils may only be harmed by magical weapons or weapons made of silver. All devils have the following abilities, spell-like abilities, or damage resistance in common. Note that spell-like abilities, unless otherwise noted, are usable at the rate of one ability per round:

Charm person Half damage from cold-based attacks Half damage from gas-based effects Immunity to fire-based attacks (both magical and non-magical) Infravision (90’) Know alignment Phantasmal force Suggestion Teleport without error Gate (varies in expression) Telepathy (allows all languages to be understood)

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