Huge reptilian monsters which breathe fire and other offensive substances!


All dragons have a breath weapon of some kind, which can be used three times in a day. The GM chooses when a dragon will use the breath weapon, or may roll a 60% chance in any given round.

Do not roll hit points for dragons as normal. Instead, determine the age category of the dragon, and that will tell you both the dragon’s hit points per die and how many points of damage per hit die the dragon’s breath inflicts:

Note that dragons, while they are dangerous opponents, are not by any means invincible. In a medieval-type fantasy world, dragons are a common problem rather than a godlike creature of legend – so the statistics for dragons reflect a deadly but not mythical foe. The GM is, of course, free to create stats for a more “mythical” conception of dragons. Since dice aren’t rolled for dragon hit points, it is possible for a truly mythical dragon to have more “numbers” per die than it’s actually possible to roll on a hit die.

Breath weapons come in three different types: a cloud-shape for gaseous exhalations, a cone shape for fiery-type breath, and a line for spitting dragons. The dimensions of a dragon’s breath differ according to the dragon’s type.

If a dragon is beaten down by subdual damage (see rules for combat), the dragon will surrender and serve its masters, even to the point of allowing itself to be sold. However, subdued dragons are only loyal while they are impressed by and frightened of their masters – signs of weakness may cause the dragon to escape or even attack its master.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL