Eye of Terror

No. Enc.:1 (1)
Alignment:Chaotic (evil)
Movement:60’ (20’)
Armor Class:0 (body), 2 (central eye), 3 (eye stalks)
Hit Dice:10-12
Attacks:3 (2 tentacles, bite)
Hoard Class:VII, IX, XIV

These highly intelligent cave or labyrinth dwelling evil cousins to eyes of the deep likewise have the bodies of 5’ wide orbs dominated by a central eye and large serrated mouth. However, rather than bristles, hundreds of small tentacles hang from the bottom of its body.

Instead of pinchers, eyes of terror have two 3’ long tentacles ending in a spiked squid-like sucker appendage that can grasp like a hand. These appendages can slap opponents for 1d6 hp damage, and victims must save versus poison or die. The eye of terror moves around with a permanently active form of levitation. The central eye possesses 30% of the creature’s total hp and has an independent AC of 2. Each eyestalk has AC 3 and 1d6+8 hp. Destroyed eyestalks regenerate in seven days. In addition to the central eye, each of the eye of terror’s eight eyestalks have a special power. Note that these creatures may use four eyestalks and the central eye at the same time against opponents directly in front of the eye of terror. If there are additional attackers from other directions, other eyes may be employed against them as well. The eyes have the following powers:

Central Eye:Flesh to stone cone ray, 30’ long and 20’ diameter at the terminal end.
Eye 1:Slow as the spell
Eye 2:Polymorph other as the spell
Eye 3:Hold monster as the spell
Eye 4:Sleep as the spell
Eye 5:Hold person as the spell
Eye 6:Stun ray, 40’ long, as the power word, stun spell
Eye 7:Telekinesis as the spell
Eye 8:Feeblemind as the spell

License: Advanced Edition Companion Labyrinth Lord OGL