This charmer from the Earth Court was written for a request by trollsmyth, who was looking for a similar beastie:

Earth Spirit, Gefirir

Armour Class 3
Hit Dice 7*
Move 180’ (60’)
Attacks 2 claws or special
Damage 2-12 / 2-12 or special
No. Appearing 1 (1-2)
Save As F7
Morale 9
Treasure Type L
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 1650

Backbones of the elemental court of Earth, gefirir are hulking, solidly built humanoids of soil and stone. Their bestial legs are furred with mosses, their feet massive stony talons; their torsos are armoured with stony, articulated “chitin”, and their hands armed with great claws. A rack of crystal antlers crowns a leonine head, and eyes of burning amber judge all they encounter dispassionately. Elder gefirir possess manes of ferns and moss that dimly luminesce.

In combat, should they choose it, gefirir wade in with their claws, dealing 2-12 hit points of damage per successful strike. A gefirir may also choose to summon clutching tendrils of earth and greenery within a 20’ radius, for one of two effects: either holding opponents immobile (though not paralyzed) until the gefirir chooses to release the victims (or a successful Strength check at a -5 penalty is made), or lashing opponents with razor-edged crystals for 3-18 hit points of damage. These tendrils may be summoned every two rounds.

A magical weapon is required to harm a gefirir. They regenerate 3 hit points per round when in contact with soil or rough stone.

License: Hamsterish Hoard OGL