Giant Template

Giant animals are a staple of adventure fiction, especially in terms of “lost” valleys filled with prehistoric life, but this template can be used for “giant‐sizing” any type of creature.

The changes to the base creature depend on the number of size changes made to the monster, with each size change doubling the monster’s size:

Size Increases Effects
One Increase +2 HD, +1 damage
Two Increases +4 HD, +2 damage
Three Increases +8 HD, +2 AC, +3 damage
Four Increases +12 HD, +2 AC, +4 damage

Each increase in size changes the monster’s size category to the next highest category (i.e. tiny to small, small to medium, medium to large, large to huge unless they are already huge, in which case they remain huge). Remember that an increase in Hit Dice also changes a creature’s saving throw values and increases their experience point value.

If you desire a common nomenclature for giant‐sized monsters, you can use the following:

Sample Giant Creatures

Giant Baboon

Large Animal, Neutral (N), Animal Int.: HD 3; AC 13; ATK 1 bite (1d6+1); MV 40 (Climb 30); Save F11, R12, W18; XP 150 (CL 3); Special: None.

Giagantic Monitor Lizard

Huge Animal, Neutral (N), Animal Int.: HD 7; AC 15; ATK 1 bite (1d8+2); MV 30 (Swim 30); Save F7, R10, W15; XP 350 (CL 7); Special: None.

Colossal Hill Giant (Mountain Giant)

Huge Giant, Chaotic (CE), Low Int.: HD 16; AC 17; ATK Club (2d8+4) or boulder (2d8+4); MV 30; Save F3, R7, W8; XP 800 (CL 16); Special: None.

Gargantuan Troll

Huge Giant, Chaotic (CE), Low Int.: HD 18; AC 16; ATK 2 claws (1d6+4 + rend) and bite (1d6+4); MV 30; Save F3, R6, W7; XP 1800 (CL 19); Special: Regenerate (acid and fire).

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