A glue-vine is a large carnivorous plant found in hot swampy, forested and jungle conditions, consisting of a central bulb and a number of sticky barbed tendrils. It will have d4 tendrils for each HD it has, up to 4HD, which can spread up to 20’ from the central bulb. These tendrils can be detected (same chance as for secret doors) if PCs are searching the area. Otherwise, when one or more PCs enter the area, the glue-vine surprises on 1-4 (on a d6). The tendrils are barbed, strong and constrictive, pulling the prey back towards the central bulb in d4 rounds. Any PCs hit by a tendril (normal attack rules apply) must save v paralysis or be dragged into the centre of the plant where they will be digested over d6 hours (take d20 acid damage per hour or part thereof). PCs cannot fight the glue-vine from the inside due to paralysis, they must be rescued from without. Attacking the glue-vine with fire will deal ½ damage to the plant and ½ to anyone trapped inside. Cutting off all the tendrils will result in the glue-vine closing itself up completely and squirting a paralysing sap over itself, reducing its AC to 0(19); anyone in contact with the glue-vine (attempting to rescue a comrade from inside, hitting the central bulb in melee) must save v paralysis or be stuck. The glue-vine will then slowly grow new tendrils at the rate of 1’ per day. Though they do not collect treasure as such, killing a glue-vine will undoubtedly reveal the possessions of its victims, which may include coins, gems and magic items (more for larger, older plants with greater HD).

AC 2(17) (bulb) 5(14) (tendrils): HD1 to 4 (tendrils have d4 hp each), ATT d4 per HD DAM paralysis + d20 per hour MV0 but can reach up to 20’ F2 ML12

License: OGL

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