A grue is a nasty, large thing with dark grey or green skin, rather like a half-filled water balloon ten feet long, with a huge mouth. Inside its leathery skin, the grue is mostly gelatinous. Grues cannot coexist with light; if they are exposed to a light source, they instantly recede with the darkness. In the dark, however, they are dangerous. If a grue hits with a natural roll of 20 on its attack die, it swallows the victim whole; which will satisfy the grue, and it will leave if it is permitted to do so (the swallowed victim will suffocate in 2d4 rounds and then be digested). They are non-intelligent, and are immune to blunt and piercing weapons (e,g., clubs, maces, arrows, spears). Swords, axes, and other cutting weapons inflict normal damage. Grues can magically extinguish one normal light source per round at a distance of 100ft. (Contributed by Matt Finch).

Grue: HD 9; AC 2[17]; Atk bite (2d6); Move 9; Save 6; CL 10; XP 1100; Special: immune to blunt and piercing weapons, extinguish normal lights, swallow whole.


Found in the darkest recesses of dungeons or in the deepest corners of attics, grues are the essence of Chaos and Darkness given form by evil and a ravenous appetite for living souls. Grues have no specific shape or form, save for the ravening, slavering jaws that close around the unsuspecting, or those who would venture into the darkness without a torch or match in their inventory. Grues are chaotic spirits that exist in a 10ft x 10ft area of pure darkness. Any light source brought into that same area forces the grue to flee to the nearest dark area. Any creature within the area of darkness is subject to attack by the grue’s jaws. For all intents and purposes, grues are invisible to anyone within the area of darkness, but outside of the area, a grue looks like “living darkness.” Grues are only affected by magical weapons or weapons that emit light of some kind, including a torch (which would act like a club). They are resistant to all spell attacks, save those that have some sort of light component (a light spell, prismatic spray or even fireball). Grues can magically extinguish one normal light source per round at a distance of 100ft. A grue’s attack will replenish its hit points with any hit points “eaten” from its victims. A grue cannot replenish beyond its starting hit points. Anyone killed by a grue will vanish, including all of his equipment. In 1d4 days, he will become a grue. (Contributed by Chgowiz)

Grue: HD 6; AC 2[17]; Atk bite (2d6); Move 12; Save 11; CL 11; XP 1700; Special: immune to all but light/magic weapons and spells with light component/effect, can extinguish lights w/in 100ft, restores own HP with damage caused to victims.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL