How to Edit this Site

The complicated stuff first: Please follow our Licensing Guidelines and our Tagging Guidelines!

To edit a page, follow the Edit this page link at the bottom and follow the examples set by other contributors. That’s the easiest way to learn it. :)

If you want to learn more about the formatting, check out the Info page. There’s a link to it at the bottom of every edit page where it says “See Info for markup rules”.

Short summary:

two backslashes force a linebreak\\
empty lines separate paragraphs

[b]this[/b] is bold          *this* is also bold
[i]this[/i] is italic        /this/ is also italic
[u]this[/u] is underlined    _this_ is also underlined

* this is a list item
** this is an indented list item

[[How to Edit this Site]] is an internal page link
[ example] is an external link
[url=]example[/url] is also an external link

If you provide a username when editing, then RecentChanges will link to it and people will know who changed what – and you’ll be able to leave some contact info on the name page, eg. Alex.

If you provide a summary when editing, then people that have added Monsters to their blog roll will usually see that summary for the latest edit.

Quality and Organisation

There is no quality police.

Individuals (you) are welcome to fix typos, markup, tags, and add new monsters.

People who help improve the site are called Wiki Wardens. :)


The site has no logo, yet. Want to submit one? Contact Alex.