Hybrid Monster

Perhaps the crowning achievement of the mad wizard, more impressive than making golems or forging magical swords, is the creation of bizarre hybrid monsters that can bedevil adventurers long after the wizard has passed on. The owlbear is perhaps the most famous hybrid monster.

  1. A hybrid monster’s type is usually the same as one (or both) of the monsters to be combined. If the monsters being combined are both animals, the hybrid is a magical beast. Just use your best judgment.
  2. The hybrid monster’s Hit Dice is either the average of the two monsters, but shouldn’t be more than two Hit Dice less than the higher Hit Dice monster.
  3. Use the higher of the two monster’s Armor Classes.
  4. The hybrid monster has a combination of the attacks of the two combined monsters, unless the physical form of the hybrid no longer supports one of those attacks. Where two monsters have the same attack forms, use the higher damage of the two combined monsters.
  5. The hybrid monster usually retains the movement types of the combined monsters, defaulting to the faster rate of the two combined monster.
  6. The hybrid monster usually retains all the special abilities and attacks of the two combined monsters, though the TK has the final say on this.

Sample Hybrid Monsters

Dracolisk (Basilisk + Black Dragon)

Medium Dragon, Chaotic (CE), Average Int.: HD 6; AC 17; ATK 2 claws (1d6) and bite (1d8); MV 60 (Fly 100, Swim 60); Save F10, R9, W10; XP 600 (CL 7); Special: Acid breath, petrification gaze, resistance to acid, water breathing.

Gorgimera (Chimera + Gorgon)

Medium Outsider, Chaotic (LE), High Int.: HD 10; AC 19 [+2]; ATK 2 claws (1d6 + devil chills) and bite (1d8 + poison IV); MV 40 (Fly 150); Save F8, R8, W7; XP 2500 (CL 12); Special: Breath weapon (30‐ft. cone of fire), spells (continuous—tongues; 3/day—suggestion; 1/day—discern location, find the path, unholy word), immune to poison, resistance to acid, cold, electricity and fire, magic resistance 20%, telepathy 100 ft., tongues.

Owlephant (Elephant + Giant Owl)

Huge Magical Beast, Neutral (N), Low Int.: HD 9; AC 15; ATK 2 claws (1d6), 2 stamps (2d6), bite (1d8), slam (2d8) and gore (2d10); MV 40; Save F6, R9, W12; XP 900 (CL 10); Special: Trample.

Tigrilla (Ape + Tiger)

Large Magical Beast, Neutral (N), Animal Int.: HD 5; AC 14; ATK 2 claws (1d8 + rend) and bite (2d6); MV 40 (Climb 30); Save F10, R11, W16; XP 500 (CL 5); Special: None.

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