The Iounifier is a small, intricate tangle of wires and filaments with infinitesimal motes of light dancing unpredictably within; they are no more than one inch in diameter. Their small size, coupled with the fact that they move very quickly, makes them difficult to hit with weapons. An Iounifier projects a beam of bluish light; if any person is caught within the light, the shadow projected by the beam is a solid, material shape that manifests within one round. Once a person is caught within the light beam (requiring a successful to-hit roll by the Iounifier), the Iounifier can hold the person in the beam without further effort unless a wall or other very significant obstacle completely obstructs the beam. The projected “shadow” of the target is shaped exactly like the person being projected - it is constructed of wires that look like blood vessels running through and around whirring clockwork internal organs, and with a face-mask of bronze that resembles the face of the target in perfect detail. The shadow wears armor and carries equipment identical to the target’s, but these do not duplicate any magical effects of the originals. The shadow has the same number of hit points as the living creature from which it is projected, and regenerates 3hp per round until it is killed. It will attack its original relentlessly until it is killed, whereupon it simply disappears. If the victim is killed by its projection, the projection will instantly fall upon the corpse, envelope it in its wires and filaments, and compress itself and the corpse into an ioun stone. The ioun stone will respond to the first person who picks it up, orbiting around that person’s head, and granting a bonus to an attribute score for as long as it continues to circle. The attribute affected depends upon the person who is compacted into the stone; if that person was a cleric, the ioun stone adds +1 to wisdom; if the victim was a magic-user, the stone adds +1 to intelligence; otherwise, the stone adds +1 to strength. These ioun stones are not permanent, lasting only 1d4+1 days; some other, lost, procedure seems to be needed to make the stones last longer than this. The Iounifier can only maintain two projections at any given time, and cannot make a second projection of the same person more than once per day. Note: attempts to use Iounifiers for personal gain, especially by nefarious means, are quite dangerous - whatever programming drives the Iounifier seems driven to cause ironic and dangerous consequences to those who try to manipulate them. The challenge level of an Iounifier varies with its targets, and thus can’t be calculated ahead of time. The XP value of an Iounifier should be approximately the same as a monster with the same hit dice as the party has levels. (Matt Finch).

Iounifier: HD 3; AC 0[19]; Atk none - by projection only; Move 0 (Fly 25); Save 5; CL/XP varies; Special: Improved saving throw, immune to electricity, projection beam.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL