Lycanthrope Template

Although Lycanthrope actually translates as “wolfman”, the term is usually used in fantasy gaming to refer to any human that can assume some animal form. In its natural form, a lycanthrope looks like any other members of its kind. In animal form, a lycanthrope resembles a powerful version of the normal animal, but on close inspection, its eyes (which often glow red in the dark) show a faint spark of unnatural intelligence.

Manufacturing a hybrid monster for a TK simply involves picking two monsters and combining them (see below). For player character magic‐ users, the process is the same as the process of creating magic items. The magic‐user must have the use of a laboratory (including a copper vat) and an alchemist to assist, and must be able to cast polymorph other and clone. The monetary value of the hybrid creature is equal to the combined challenge levels of the two monsters multiplied by 1,000 gp.

Lycanthropes share the following characteristics:

  1. Lycanthropes have the monstrous humanoid type.
  2. The lycanthrope’s Hit Dice are equal to the animal plus the humanoid Hybrid monsters are a combination of two monsters. Their stats are combined.
  3. Lycanthropes use the animal form’s movement rates in animal and hybrid form, and the humanoid’s type when in humanoid form.
  4. Lycanthropes improve their Armor Class by 2.
  5. Lycanthropes fight with weapons in humanoid form, their natural attacks in animal form, and both weapons and natural attacks in their hybrid form. If a lycanthrope doesn’t naturally have a bite attack, it gains a bite attack (1d4 damage) in animal and hybrid form. The bite attack carries the lycanthropy disease (Fortitude save negates).
  6. Lycanthropes can only be harmed by magic or silver weapons.
  7. Lycanthropes can communicate with animals of their type.

Sample Lycanthrope

Goblin Wereweasel

Small Monstrous Humanoid, Chaotic (CE), Average Int.: HD 3; AC 15 [Silver]; ATK 2 claws (1d3) and bite (1d4 + blood drain) or weapon and bite; MV 30; Save F15, R12, W12; XP 300 (CL 4); Special: Curse of lycanthropy.

Human Werebat

Medium Monstrous Humanoid, Chaotic (NE), Average Int.: HD 5; AC 17 [Silver]; ATK 2 claws (1d4) and bite (1d6) or weapon and bite; MV 30 (Fly 40); Save F13, R11, W11; XP 500 (CL 6); Special: Curse of lycanthropy.

Sahuagin Wereshark

Medium Monstrous Humanoid, Chaotic (LE), Average Int.: HD 5; AC 18 [silver]; ATK 2 claws (1d4 + rend) and bite (1d6) or weapon and bite; MV 30 (Swim 60); Save F13, R11, W10; XP 500 (CL 6); Special: Curse of lycanthropy, frenzy 1/day.

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