Paragon creatures are perfect, perhaps semi‚Äźdivine versions of a normal creature. They appear as majestic examples of their kind. Paragons have the following shared characteristics:

  1. Paragon animals and vermin change their type to magical beast and they have a minimum of low intelligence.
  2. Paragon creatures have one extra Hit Dice and maximum hit points.
  3. Paragon creatures have double their normal movement rate.
  4. Paragon creatures gain a +4 bonus to Armor Class.
  5. Paragon creatures deal double damage with their attacks.
  6. Paragon creatures can use the following spells three times per day each: Dispel magic, haste and detect invisibility.
  7. Paragon creatures can only be hit by +2 or better weapons, have magic resistance 25% and can regenerate.

Sample Paragon Creatures

Calydonian Boar (Giant Boar)

Large Magical Beast, Neutral (N), Low Int.: HD 8 (48 hp); AC 19 [+2]; ATK 1 gore (2d10); MV 80; Save F8, R8, W12; XP 800 (CL 9); Special: Fight after death, magic resistance 25%, regenerate, spells (see above).

Nemean Lion

Large Magical Beast, Neutral (N), Low Int.: HD 6 (36 hp); AC 19 [+2]; ATK 2 claws (2d6 + rend) and bite (2d8); MV 80; Save F9, R9, W13; XP 600 (CL 7); Special: Magic resistance 25%, regenerate, spells (see above).

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