Psionic creatures are freaks among their kind whose minds are more powerful than those of their fellows. While look no different from standard examples of their kind, they harbor psychic powers.

Psionic creatures share the following characteristics:

  1. Psionic animals and vermin change their type to magical beast. Other creatures retain their normal type.
  2. Psionic creatures improve their intelligence by one category (i.e. from animal to low, low to average, or average to high), or, if they have an intelligence score, increase it by 3 points.
  3. Psionic creatures possess the following spells, based on the Hit Dice of the creature. Note that a psionic creature has the spells listed for its Hit Dice plus all the spells listed for creatures with less Hit Dice.
1–23/day—precognition; 1/day—shield
3–43/day—empty mind, mind thrust
5–61/day—body adjustment, brain lock
7–81/day—antipathy, psionic blast
9–103/day—intellect fortress; 1/day—psychic crush
11–121/day—dominate person
13–141/day—chain lightning, tower of iron will

Sample Psionic Creatures

Psionic Chimera

Large Magical Beast, Chaotic (CE), Average Int.: HD 9; AC 19; ATK 2 bites (1d10), horns (1d8) and 2 claws (1d6); MV 30 (Fly 50); Save F8, R9, W12; XP 900 (CL 10); Special: Spells (3/day‐empty mind, intellect fortress, mind thrust, precognition; 1/day‐antipathy, body adjustment, brain lock, psionic blast, psychic crush, shield), breath weapon (30‐ft. cone of fire).

Psionic Duergar

Small Humanoid, Chaotic (LE), High Int.: HD 1; AC 17; ATK 1 war hammer (1d8) or light crossbow (80’/1d8); MV 20; Save F14, R15, W15; XP 100 (CL 2); Special: Spells (3/day‐precognition; 1/day‐shield).

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