No. Enc.:4d4 (3d4x10)
Alignment:Lawful (evil)
Movement:120’ (40’)
Swim:240’ (80’)
Armor Class:5
Hit Dice:2 + 2
Attacks:3, 5 (2 or for claws, bite) or 1 (by weapon)
Damage:1d2/1d2/1d2/1d2/1d4 or As weapon
Hoard Class:V, XI + XV

Sahuagin are irredeemably evil fish-like humanoids that worship infernal forces. Most feature green coloration, darker along the back and lighter on the belly. Many have dark stripes, bands, or spots, but these tend to fade with age. An adult male sahuagin stands roughly 6’ tall. They only live in saltwater, and may dwell in shallow waters near shore or in very deep locations far at sea. They have kingdoms under the waves that ape human societal structures. Sahuagin typically fight with tridents and nets (50%) or daggers, spears, and crossbows (25%). If unarmed, they attack with 2 claws and a bite when on shore, or 2 claws, 2 foot rakes, and a bite when under water. These creatures travel in bands led by a 4 HD chief. When 10 or more are encountered, there will be a 3 HD guard per 10 sahuagin in the group. When found in their lair, half of the sahuagin will be 2 HD females, and 25% are 1 HD hatchlings. There will be 2d4x10 eggs. In their lairs there will be a 9 HD baron. There is a 10% per 10 sahuagin encountered that there is a 5 to 8th level cleric and 1d4 4th level cleric assistants. In addition, in the lair there is a 5% chance a prince will be present, along with 2d4 chieftains of 3 HD and 3d10 2 HD concubines. When a prince is present there will always be clerics present as mentioned above. Lairs are typically guarded by 2d4 sharks, or 4d4 if a prince is present. Sahuagin often take human prisoners under the sea, where they are subject to unspeakable tortures.

License: Advanced Edition Companion Labyrinth Lord OGL



Sahuagin are fish-men with shark-like teeth. They live in salt water, sometimes at considerable depths, and raid the surface world for plunder and sport. These beings are thoroughly chaotic/evil. Their society is highly organized, and their lairs are often guarded by sharks. Some sahuagin may have entangling nets used to ensnare opponents.

Sahuagin: HD 2+1; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 weapon (1d8); Move 12 (swim 18); Save 16; CL 2; XP 30; Special: None.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL