Spider, Giant Flagstone

This race of spiders has completely adapted to living in dungeon and dungeon-like enviroments. Its central body appears to be nothing more than a flagstone with 6 chitinous legs sprouting from the edges of either side. It has a mouth with fangs, two eyestalks, and two front legs ending with hook-like appendages. All of its legs can be retracted into the stone-like exoskeleton. The hooked front legs are used to pry flagstones loose, allowing the spider to hide as part of a stone floor, but they are also used for attack and defense. The flagstone spider’s bite is poisonous (save at +4 or die). When waiting for prey, the spider is undistinguishable from other flagstones 90% of the time (with any adjustments the referee deems appropriate). If potential victims fail to notice them, they will attack with surprise 50% off the time (1-3 on d6). Some adventurers have reported entire hallways floored with these vermin. (Contributed by Sean Stone).

Flagstone Spider: AC 3(16); HD 1d4hps; Atk 2 claws (1d2) and 1 bite (0hp + poison); Move 15; Save 18; CL 1; XP 15; Special: poisonous bite (+4 save or die), surprise on 1-3 on d6.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL