No. Enc.:3d4 (2d6x10)
Alignment:Neutral (good)
Movement:150’ (50’) swim
Armor Class:5
Hit Dice:3
Attacks:1 (weapon)
Damage:As weapon
Hoard Class:VIII, IX, X, XIX

A triton has silvery skin that fades into silver-blue scales on the lower half of its body. It has two scaled “legs” ending in fins. Tritons’ hair is deep blue or blue-green and they are about the same size and weight as a human. The reclusive tritons prefer to avoid combat, but they fiercely defend their homes. They attack with either melee or ranged weapons as the circumstances warrant. When encountered outside their lair, they are 90% likely to be mounted on friendly sea creatures such as hippocampi. In a group of 10 or more there will be a 5 HD leader, and in a group of 20 or more there will be an additional 7 HD leader. If more than 60 are encountered, a 9 HD chieftain will be present. In addition, for every 10 tritons encountered there is a 10% chance that 1d4x10% of their number are magic-users of a level determined for each one by rolling 1d6.

License: Advanced Edition Companion Labyrinth Lord OGL


Tritons are almost indistinguishable from mermen, but for their nobler appearance. They are, however, a much more magical race entirely. They are, for instance, almost entirely resistant to magic (90%). Their leaders carry conch horns that summon giant sea horses and panic normal sea animals aiding enemies of the tritons. Many triton leaders also have spell casting powers.

Triton: HD 3; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 trident (1d8+1); Move 1 (swim 18); Save 14; CL 4; XP 120; Special: Magic resistance 90%.

License: Monster Compendium 0e OGL