Toyotaro Koda

A character for the Blossoms Are Falling One Shot.

Concept: Drunken ex husband of Tomoe’s

Character Name: Third Rank Captain Toyotaro KODA

Life Path: Born Warrior, Provincial Kohei, Bushi, Captain

Stats: Will 4, Perception 4, Power 4, Forte 5, Agility 6, Speed 4

Attributes: Reflexes 5, Steel 5, Health 5, Mortal Wound 10, Hesitation 6, Honor 7, Shame 6

Skills: Jujutsu 7, Kenjutsu 7, Kyudo 6, Etiquette 4, Conspicuous 5, Oratory 4, Command 2, Sake-wise 2, Suffering-wise 2, Armor Training

Traits: Buke (Dt), Bushido, -san (Dt), -sama (Dt), Mean, Arrogant

Relationships: my ex-wife Tomoe Iinuma divorced me (significant, hateful), my cousin Shinro is a guard at the keep (minor, other family)

Circles: 2         Resources: 1

Reputation: Wife Beater 1D

Affiliations: Hori Clan 1D

Gear: Simple clothes, sandals, tanto, tachi, odachi, hankyu, three leaf head arrows, o-yoroi, warhorse.

Property: House

Beliefs: Michinojo Iinuma arranged for the divorce—I will challenge him in a duel. I am a loyal captain to my lord—all traitors need to die. The spirit world has forsaken me—I will bring shame to the village priest.

Instincts: Never without a sword. Always fight dirty. When loosing an argument, I will threaten violence.

Artha: 1 Fate (Luck: reroll sixes), 1 Persona (Boon: extra die)

Injuries: Superficial 3 (+1 Ob); Light 5 (-1D); Medium 7 (-2D); Severe 8 (-3D); Traumatic 9 (-4D); Mortal 10 (dying)