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More Info On SVG Images

Pasting SVG Images

You can simply paste SVG images.


<svg xmlns:svg="" width="100" height="100">
  <circle r="30" cx="50" cy="50" fill="red"/>


We’re stripping script tags and “javascript:” in order to make it a bit safer…

Uploading SVG Images

You can create SVG files and upload them to wiki pages. When you link to them, you need to link to the image data itself (and not to the page containing it). Here’s how to do this. Assume we have a file called Subsector.svg and we want a link called Map to this image.

  1. First, we need to upload the image somewhere. We need a special link for this. Let’s visit the HomePage.
  2. Click on Comments on HomePage
  3. Replace “Add your comment here.” with [[image:Subsector.svg]]
  4. Click on Save
  5. Click on the question-mark after [image:Subsector.svg]
  6. Click on Browse… and choose the file
  7. Click on Save
  8. The resulting page looks weird. It says “This page contains an uploaded file:” but what follows is just the name of the image, not the image itself. Do a right click on the image name and choose Copy Image Location.
  9. Go to the page where you want the Map link. Let’s return to the HomePage.
  10. Click on Edit this page
  11. Move to where you want the link, put [ and paste the image location, add a space and Map]. The result could look something like the following: [ Map] (where “Karte.svg” is your “Subsector.svg”)
  12. Click on Save

The result for our example: Map.

You can create SVG maps using the Traveller Subsector Mapper, for example.

Such images will not have any working links and scripts as long as they’re used as images. Click through to the SVG itself, and then everything ought to be working as expected.

Embed SVG Images from Campaign Wiki Web Apps

You can also embed SVG files directly, as long as they’re hosted on the same domain, Assuming your want to embed a map from the Traveller Subsector Mapper, unmodified:

  1. Click on Random Map
  2. Click on UWP at the bottom right
  3. Click on Generate Map
  4. Now you have the URL with the appropriate “seed” (the number in the address).
  5. Put it this on your wiki page: [[image/noborder:|map]]




You can also generate a map on the wiki directly, based on a UWP list. Just beginn with a line saying “Traveller:” and continue with UWP codes:

Ratonato         0102  C435544-7           NI
Luqte            0103  A9B7656-14    RTC   Fl Ht NI A
Inbaxe           0105  E485743-5           Ag Lt Ri
Bazoqxe          0108  B554644-6      NT   Ag Ga NI
Tievinvi         0201  B5528C8-10    STC   Po
Tuteinluta       0203  C100451-14      P   Ht NI Va
Ton              0205  C989645-9           NI Ri
Nretoin          0206  B7C0555-11     TC   De NI A
Titotira         0207  C300988-11     RP   Hi In Na Va
Tirazifa         0209  C224577-13      R   Ht NI A
Feririluin       0210  E585569-6           Ag Ga NI A
Titorima         0301  B667864-10      N   Ga Ri
Luzifa           0302  D898210-4       S   Ga Lo Lt A
Zinafe           0303  B500000-0      TC   Ba Va
Titumatu         0308  D200000-0       S   Ba Va
Rizivita         0310  D452232-6       S   Lo Po
Rixetu           0401  C97A89B-8           Wa A
Vovopazuxe       0403  A9C5579-12     TC   Fl Ht NI A
Naxetovina       0404  C662512-9       S   NI
Ininrazu         0407  A220544-11    RTC   De NI Po
Luremaq          0409  BA8B798-6       T   Ri Wa
Tatareto         0502  DAB2000-0           Ba Fl A
Pataratuma       0503  D000000-0           As Ba Va
Enaba            0504  C569567-5           Lt NI
Tuqfe            0505  C64779C-3           Ag Ga Lt A
Tutuzubata       0506  D7B0000-0       S   Ba De A
Voziintu         0508  B999616-7     NTC   NI
Bavobazita       0509  C300651-10     TC   Na NI Va
Fezueti          0601  A637103-12     ST   Ht Lo A
Eeretu           0602  B546442-11          Ga NI
Zoeenlu          0603  D76A332-4       S   Lo Lt Wa
Feta             0604  E637123-7           Lo
Tunvo            0607  B466465-7      NT   NI
Ratizu           0608  C27199A-7       P   Hi In R
Raluti           0701  C692777-8           A
Revozi           0703  B310534-9     NTC   NI
Vonamafain       0706  D64355A-3           Lt NI Po A
Etizuziq         0710  A664642-7     NTC   Ag Ga NI Ri
Zitofarife       0803  B000974-15      N   As Hi Ht In Na Va A
Tufetomapa       0805  E454454-4           Lt NI
Eluto            0807  E36227B-8           Lo A
Tuvi             0809  BA7F675-7       N   NI Wa A



With some SVG know-how you can use my Text Mapper (blog, tutorial).

Here’s a very simple example:

<hexmap style="width:600px; height:600px; background:white;">
1920 grass location "Troglodytes"
1921 grass
1922 grass village "Starecat"
2020 sea
2021 grass village "Oakcomb"
2022 grass location "Old Monastery"
2120 sea
2121 sea "Gulf of Seithor"
2122 sea
2123 forest
2220 sea
2221 sea
2222 sea
2223 forest
2320 sea
2321 grass village "Lagnabadalë"
2322 grass village "Palace"
2323 grass

default attributes fill="none" stroke="black" stroke-width="3"
location xml <circle r="10"/>
village xml <circle r="15"/>
city xml <circle r="25"/>
grass attributes fill="#bcee68"
forest attributes fill="#458b00"
sea attributes fill="#009acd"
text font-size="16pt" dy="15px" font-family="Optima, Helvetica, sans-serif" fill-opacity="0.5"
glow stroke="white" stroke-width="3pt" opacity="0.5"
label font-size="16pt" font-family="Optima, Helvetica, sans-serif"


<circle r="10"/> <circle r="15"/> <circle r="25"/> 19.20 19.21 19.22 20.20 20.21 20.22 21.20 21.21 21.22 21.23 22.20 22.21 22.22 22.23 23.20 23.21 23.22 23.23 TroglodytesTroglodytes StarecatStarecat OakcombOakcomb Old MonasteryOld Monastery Gulf of SeithorGulf of Seithor LagnabadalëLagnabadalë PalacePalace

SVG Charactersheet

The same also works for the Character Sheet Generator:

  1. Type name, click button
  2. Click on the link at the bottom right
  3. Make final changes, click button
  4. Now you have a URL with the appropriate parameters (the endless line of key/value pairs in the address of your browser)
  5. On the wiki, write: [[image/noborder:;spells=13;thac0=19;int=7;petrify=13;cha=11;breath=16;wands=15;con=5;property=%28Startgold%3a%20100%29%5c%5cbackpack%5c%5ctrail%20rations%20%281%20week%29%5c%5cleather%20armor%5c%5clong%20sword%5c%5csling%5c%5cpouch%20with%20stones%20%282%29%5c%5cdagger%20%282%29%5c%5cthieves%20tools%5c%5clantern%5c%5coil%20flask%20%282%29%5c%5crope%5c%5c0%20gp;wis=5;poison=14;hp=2;str=8;loyalty=7;name=Alex;dex=13;ac=6;level=1;xp=0;class=thief;abilities=1%2f6%20for%20normal%20tasks%5c%5c2%2f6%20hear%20noise%5c%5c%2b4%20and%20damage%20%C3%972%20when%20backstabbing|Character Sheet]]


Character Sheet

Just as for the subsector map, you can also keep the data on your wiki page directly. Begin the section saying “Character:” on a single line:

damage: 1W6-1 / 1W6
spells: 13
thac0: 19
int: 7
petrify: 13
cha: 11
breath: 16
wands: 15
con: 5
property: backpack
property: trail rations (1 week)
property: leather armor
property: long sword
property: sling
property: pouch with stones (2)
property: dagger (2)
property: thieves’ tools
property: lantern
property: oil flask (2)
property: rope
property: 0 Gold
wis: 5
poison: 14
hp: 2
str: 8
loyalty: 7
name: Alex
dex: 13
ac: 6
level: 1
xp: 0
class: Dieb
abilities: 1/6 for ordinary tasks
abilities: 2/6 to hear noise
abilities: +4 and damage ×2 when backstabbing


image/svg+xml Link Name AC XP Level Class Hit-points Property none = 9, leather = 7, chain = 5,plate = 3, shield = -1, minus dex bonus Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma value bonus roll 3d6 for each Abilities, Languages Colors or Portrait Saving Throws Dragon breath, explosions Paralysis, Petrification Death, Poison Rays, Wands Spells AC of opponent: To hit: (+ dexterity bonus) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Damage: (+ strength bonus in melee) Melee Ranged (+ strength bonus) d20 equalor better d20 equal or better Max Fighter & Dwarf: d8Magic User & Thief: d4everybody else: d6+ constitution bonus Alex Dieb 1 6 2 8 -1 13 +1 5 -2 7 -1 5 -2 11 16 13 14 15 13 18 20 19 17 18 16 17 15 16 14 15 13 14 12 13 11 12 10 11 9 1W6-1 / 1W6 backpacktrail rations (1 week)leather armorlong swordslingpouch with stones (2)dagger (2)thieves’ toolslanternoil flask (2)rope0 Gold 1/6 for ordinary tasks2/6 to hear noise+4 and damage ×2 when backstabbing value34-56-89-1213-1516-1718 bonus-3-2-1+1+2+3 4 + charisma bonus Retainers 7 + charisma bonus 7 Reactions Loyalty 4 value34-89-1213-1718 bonus-2-1+1+2