Chapter 1 Recap

For some time, strange lights and noises plagued the night sky over Startere until one night when the mayor had enough and shot down the lights. The next day, a small group of volunteers, John Smithy, Tate Rogers, and Hans Schleider, and the town’s deputy, Monty Thewes, headed out into the desert to investigate what the mayor shot down.

As they made their way through the desert, they encountered a living cactus that ran straight toward them but was prompty tripped by John and posed no thread. The cactus could not speak, but the group realized that the cactus seemed to be able to press feelings upon them as a form of communication. Tate was extremely uncomfortable with this, but Hans had experienced it before. Apparently, the cactus had been awakened in the middle of the night, and upon realizing that it could move, it started running in a panic and didn’t stop until it was tripped. Soon after, it stopped moving and communicating.

The group continued on into the desert until they finally came upon a chrome, disk-shaped ship that looked a lot like those alien UFOs in old sci-fi movies. The door was open and there were boot prints leading away from the ship, but the group decided to investigate the ship itself and went inside. Upon further investigation, it was not an alien ship but rather a high tech, lightweight craft operated by English-speaking humans. A central room with a low ceiling in the center of the ship revealed 3 doors and a central ladder leading to an upper and lower room.

They opened the left door first, revealing a mess of wires and cables in some kind of server/electronics control room. In the back of the room were 3 trunks, which Monty opened to reveal mostly some generic supplies and cables but also a box of 3.5” floppy disks labeled “Main Control” and a red binder labeled “Main Control Manual”. Monty took these, and gave Tate a soldering iron he also found in the trunk.

The next door revealed an office of sorts, with a desk and computer built into the left wall, a book case built into the right wall, and papers and binders scattered about on the floor. In a small chest of drawers under the desk, John found an odd yellow device that looks like a megaphone called an “Awakener Deluxe” and a yellow binder labeled “Nextep” that contains the information for some kind of scientific program called “Nextep” being run by a company called “Nu-Evo Inc.” John also grabbed a handful of paper from the ground, but it mainly contained readouts that didn’t contain much useful information.

The final door revealed some kind of laboratory space with tables on the left and right side and cabinets thrown open in the back of the room, but a large hole in the floor revealed some kind of green liquid in the space below the room. On the left side of the room was another of the yellow Awakener Deluxe devices broken on the floor, flashing different colored lights in a sequence and emitting a high-pitched noise that only Tate could hear. John moves into the room and tries to disable the device, but the cables within are tougher than expected, and instead of shutting it off immediately, it begins pitching the high-pitched noise down into a frequency that the others could hear as the volume increased before finally cutting out.

As the group reeled from the noise, a large creature with a red Venus flytrap head on top of a giant, yellow pitcher plant body pulls itself out of the hole using thick, green vines with large, purple leaves, leaving the body suspended over the hole. Monty noticed the monster first and ran into the room to make sure everyone could get out safely. The monster tried to attack Monty but lost it balance and had to scramble to keep itself from falling back into the hole, which gave the group the idea to try to make the vines’ grip fail. Hans rushed in and tore off some vines with his incredible strength, and in an act of uncharacteristic bravery, Tate leapt up and thrust the soldering iron he found through the monster’s thin head, causing the head to tear as the monster flopped back into the hole, struggling to get up again.

Taking the opportunity, Monty ushers everyone out of the room and off the ship. Before leaving himself, he uses some of the extra cables in the other room to tie the doorknob to the central ladder to prevent it from being opened again. They left the ship and made it back to town as the sun was beginning to set, where they parted ways for the evening.