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Henry Rosenberg



Henry Rosenberg is 20 year old. His parents are Sam and Sophie Rosenberg that accumulated a lot of wealth in the last decades. His father Sam is an artist while Sophie had a PhD. in biology. For a long time the Rosenbergs lived in New York City, but they decided to move to Startere so their only son Henry will have a safe environement to grow up in. Henry isn´t used to leave the house - he never had a reason to do so. He had a private teacher, they had a personal chef and a personal sports ground in their backyard.

When Henry was young, his uncle Harry watched over him when his parents were working overseas, which happened quite often in the peak of their career. Uncle Harry was an US Marine that once was heavily injured in a gun fight. He had problems to walk and always struggled to catch the running Henry. Before his mysterious death - Harry gave Henry his Dog Tags - his lucky charms. The mysterious death of Harry influenced the young boy like nothing else.

Right now Henry follows his dream to become a detective. He already collected experience as a journalist, but he will soon try to work for the Secret Service. That is his biggest dream. Maybe he will find out what happened to Harry some day.

Henry never had real friends - He kept himself busy with reading books and doing sport.


He is calm and often speaks out what he thinks. He tends to be very objective and rarely shows any signs of emotions. All he deeply wants is to be a hero and gain recognition that he never got in his childhood. Even when he lacks competence he tries to desperately fake it.


Henry is 6 feet tall (1,83m) - has short blond, above average muscular - clean skin - handsome from afar - but his blue eyes are intimidating. Pale untanned skin.

Even if his clothes seem like nothing special - they are quite expensive. He tries to wear things people his age would wear to “blend in”.

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