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Nexton is a suburban town that surrounds the largest mall in this part of the country.

a large crater-like valley several miles across. The entire town sprawls out, covering every surface of the gradually sloping valley—a sea of houses and winding, geometric streets and avenues making up the suburbopolis that is Nexton. In the exact center of the crater right in the midst of the ocean of houses, rising up above every other building in the town, is the massive Nexton Mega Mall, the largest mall in this part of the country. Its unattractive brutalist, box shape painted a drab white with few windows is made up for with its impressive size and many skylights. On the side of the building, even visible from this distance at the edge of the valley, is simply the word “MALL” written in equally unattractive lettering.

On the opposite side of the crater-like valley is a white building with windows and a green-and-blue sign.