After her parents went missing at a very young age, Pez, determined to find them, began investigating every possible conspiracy that might give her a lead. As a small orphan, Pez was used to being picked on, so much so, she doesn’t even notice when being bullied anymore.


A firm believer in almost every known conspiracy and superstition, Pez can be a bit eccentric. Her growing up as an orphan taught her to be her own best friend. She is incredibly optimistic, to a fault, and very independent. She may be observant when it comes to her investigations, but when it comes to socializing, she doesn’t “get” the boundaries. She’s clueless as to what implies “friend” and what doesn’t. Too talkative and way too nosy.


Very small in stature with fiery red hair. She sports her favorite trench coat with a tin foil hat securely on her head. She appears very frazzled.

Known Info

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