Startere Police Department

A large, plain, rectangular building made entirely of red bricks with the word “POLICE” painted on the front in block letters just above the door

Interior is a mostly-empty room with a barred window to the right of the door

Right side of entryway has a low, round coffee table, two plastic folding chairs, and a potted ficus plant

Back wall has a door with a barred window labeled “Jail” directly across from the front door

Left side of entryway has a single metal desk angled toward the door and a metal filing cabinet in the corner behind the desk


Two 8’ x 10’ cells on either side of a hallway that’s just a little bit wider than the door

Thick, dark iron bars reach from floor to ceiling with just about 2 inches of space between them

The far left side of each cell has a door that opens inward into the cell

Bolted to the far right wall of each cell is a slab of metal that juts out into an approximation of a bed with a thin pillow and blanket laid out on top

Beside the bed is another slab of metal with a basin bolted to the wall with a red-knobbed spigot situated above it and a metal pipe diagonally spanning the gap between the bottom of the basin and wall to serve as a sink

Beside the sink is a metal toilet with a white plastic cover, a folded privacy partition wall that the officers provided special for Sitch’s stays is next to the toilet.