Tate Rogers



Tate is 18 years old, and lives with his parents, Gene and Mia. The Rogers have lived in Startere for the better part of three years. Coming from Montana, they were pretty used to the small town feel. They were not used to the heat, however, which has affected Tate greatly. This is mostly due to the fact he has spent much of his time outside. Tate has worked for an old rancher for most of his time in Startere, which involves counting the heads of cattle, auditing, and working out logistics. Most days, however, he just sits and watches the cows be cows, which he hates doing. Tate fills this time dreaming of his old home, and his old girlfriend, whom which he is determined to reunite with someday. Even though the rancher’s daughter has been catching his eye lately…

While Tate is not working, he’s usually working on college applications. He’s having trouble deciding on a college, as out of state tuition is pretty high, and he isn’t making enough money to leave any time soon. He’ll find a way to do it, though. Eventually.

For recreation, Tate brings a deck of cards to the local diner, and plays a game with anyone willing to face him. His favorite dish there is the barbecue chicken sandwich.


Always feeling like a he is being cooked alive, along with missing his friends, has lead Tate to be a little cold and ornery on the outside. Once you get through his outer shell, Tate is pretty easy to get along with. The best way to do this is to set him on a task. Once he’s working, mentally or physically, he can be quite talkative. This is why he enjoys playing cards, it helps him to get comfortable.


Tate stands at 5’11” with curly brown hair and a round face. He is rather lean, due to little physical exerction. Tate likes to be well groomed, and his face is free from acne. He is also fairly tan, from his time spent outside.

Clothing wise, Tate can usually be found wearing shorts and a t-shirt, trying to stay as cool as possible.

Known Info