Tate notes research

The information found on the [[Chrome_Ship?]] given to the investigation party to research before heading out

Tate learned:

As Tate reads through the pages in the folder, he notices an interesting trend in the writing of the journal. He reads through the whole thing and discovers that whoever was writing it constantly yearned to work on their yard. The idea of sculpting the plants into his perfect paradise permeated everything they wrote, even the descriptions of the dull commute to their unfulfilling desk job. The drawings and schematics throughout were his imaginings of tools and different ways to create ideal patterns in landscapes. Toward the end of the journal, Tate noticed that he began moving away from the desire to sculpt the landscape and toward “directing” the landscape—shaping the trees and plants by influencing their growth rather than directly cutting and shaping. Some opaque attempts at philosophy are scattered throughout the writer’s musings at the end, and at some point, the commute and desk job completely phased out.

The Nextep Program Manual appears to be a dense HR document, but an intense demand for secrecy is emphasized throughout. In the first few pages, the program’s goal is specified as “Bringing about what should have been from the beginning” and “Correcting errors that arose long ago”. Toward the middle of the book, there are experiment methodologies and instructions for the proposal of new experiments and tests, but in spite of their extreme specificity, they seemed to Tate to be pretty general things that he’s seen in regular science classes at school. It’s overall fairly dull, but it implies a lot about the goal of the so-named Nu-Evo Inc. company: plants should be able to move a lot more and a lot faster, and judging by what Tate saw, Nu-Evo is well on their way to making that happen.

Tate also remembers the strange large flip-phone-like device that Deputy Monty had found and presumably forgotten about. Maybe that device holds some further information.

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