April 2019 recap

Neil, Assad, Bilfa and Kalid – the family of one of the generals

The generals killed Korgath but he cursed them with his dying breath.

Generals – fire pit, spike trap, fog room, maze, eaten by dogs, jail cell

Tapestry – with 5 of the generals in their curses. Old common written below – Honor bound, honor loss – curse. Tapestry has evocation magic on it. Dispel magic and it burned. Release general

Gained boons from the generals that we used to defeat Korgath, barely – all dropped but Daniel.

Room – radiating good – The following gods were represented – Sulas, Bornmahl, Zabrona, Caticus, Uraban, Ningal – two we did not know at first, Kactcha, Timata – and Pooka was here scribbled on the wall – A number of the lawful and neutral gods but not all. (Knowledge is not there) – We rested here. Green gem was steadily glowing – dragon close by?

Different culture, names reading out – newer names

Newer graves are in the back, go towards the back of the crypts

Secret door – crypt wall, inside bullet the room.

4 graves, the family of the final general - Neil, Assad, Bilfa and Kalid

Secret room, corridor into a room with the yellow Gem Stone of dragon knight on a pedestal

Need the heart to destroy Kortag

Kortag defiled Nilfarian’s daughter. Then he convinced the others to plot against Kortag. Daughter became a banshee, Kortag a mummy lord

4 books to find – Fireflight, Wind of the Seas, Flame brigade, Quelling the dragonflame to get access to the library.

Steve the automaton librarian – helped us find info on things in the temple library– including a map of the other dragon knight gems and dungeons. Two skeletons of the monk/librarians as well.

Leaning going to Wrangledeep to search for the brown (?) amulet first.