April 25, 2020 recap

They left the treasure room where they had rest in two Leomund’s Tiny Huts. They took the passage to the east. The passage turned north and then curved around to the east. They felt wind coming from the south. So they went north.

A large frozen lake dominates this room. You hear a crack as a block of ice the size of a pumpkin breaks from the ceiling and lands out over the lake with a crash and a splash. The ice is clearly only a few inches thick and the water below is likely freezing.

Skirted around the frozen lake They saw snow on top of the ice of the frozen lake in a few places.

To the north Looking down about 20ft into this room you see a caved hollow. In the very center is a large raised platform. Large tufts of shed fur cover the platform like snowy bushes. Through the tufts of fur, you catch the glimpse of gold.

Shanasita uses Detect Magic and sees something magical on the platform

Mitsune and Rhom climbed down into the hollow. The large tufts of fur rose all around them with the glint of gold caught within the tufts. Lots of coin as well as other treasures.

As they explore, Mitsune notices some movement. A giant eye just opened up within the tufts - And it looked right towards Mitsune It emerged from its nest, a large reptilian beast covered in the same tufts of fur that the nest is made up of. It looks around and then roars a deafening roar

Rhom says “We come seeking an amulet.”

The dragon hissed and attacked using a multitude of attacks including breath weapon, frightful presence, pounce attacks (looks like a luck dragon from Neverending Story but it is not one of those. Much nastier beast.)

Jiro had the killing blow

8 gemstones worth a total of 5000gp

ring - protection +1 - Jemporary received this

shield of arrow-catching - You gain a +2 bonus to AC against Ranged Attacks while you wield this Shield. This bonus is in addition to the shield’s normal bonus to AC. In addition, whenever an attacker makes a ranged Attack against a target within 5 feet of you, you can use your Reaction to become the target of the Attack instead. - attuned to Ruven AC 21 against ranged attacks

ioun stone sustenance - You don’t need to eat or drink while this clear spindle orbits your head. Ruven

3000gp 400pp white gemstone amulet - buried deep deep within the fur , resistance to cold, attunement ritual at the temple need get all of its power revealed.

each person got 20sp 3311gp 40pp

This large cavern is filled with scattered bones. At the far end is a large nook built into the recess of the cavern wall. It is filled with a snow white fur that spills out onto the ground.

one large white egg in the nook - size of computer chair, 4ft,

Matlida - battle chicken - at the guild hall

flying back to the Yellow Temple how to best take care of the dragon egg

Genasi - letter to Ruven - signed by Guido - serving as assistant to Misako how good things are going a the Pit And, no one has seen his wife in a week - airships back and forth between the Pit and the Temple before purple dragon - met with her and the letch elf about a week or so before this letter. Elven king of Wrangledeep - the same guy as the letch that wanted in on the Pit. We will head to the Pit to check things out. Any leads on Misako there Probably will be heading to Wrangledeep for next amulet/dragon

Build nest for the dragon egg

Emir, genasi - asks how Rhom is doing. conversation, brief -

Visitor - arrived an hour before we did

Diana’s room - Theorne is visiting, sipping tea

And scene

Ruven, Jemporary and one other (Modura or Shanasita?) went to the Pit to look into the disappearance of Misako, Ruven’s wife

Rhom, Gary, Mitsune, Modura, Shanasita, Gordy went to some woods west of The Pit - halfling woman name is Maria? Todd- angel Pool of Suulas Sword of Suulas

Rhom asked Ruven that is the plan does not work out, not to let his wife sell the dragon amulet and to assist in finding a new suitable person to take over the amulet.