August 15, 2020 Interlude

Diana and Rhom had slipped away from the rest as the Tritons prepared a feast to thank their new heroes. Once out of sight, she swam around him and prodded his wings. “You care to explain what that was?”

Rhom unfurled his wings and the edges crackled with suppressed arcane energy as small sparks ran along them. “My Apocalyptic form was a side effect of my link to my father, his rage and hatred combined with the unending ceaseless screams of countless evil souls pouring through me to power my magic manifested as that fiery demonic thing I would become in battle. That thing no longer exists now that I’m untethered from him.”

“When I…” Rhom paused and looked away from her, knowing what he had done had scared and hurt her. “When I plunged the Sword of Sulis through my own heart…I was all but dead. It was a stupid foolish thing, an act of pure desperation and anger to break free.”

She stopped him cold with a slap across his face, while the water slowed the strike it still hurt on a level not as pedestrian as physical pain. Her normally calm demeanor had shifted. “Do you have any idea what you put me through? Theorne contacted me by magic after they had gotten you out…he wouldn’t tell me what happened. I saw your room, Rhom, the blood on the ground…” She leaned on him, pounding her fists on his chest and sobbing. “Why would you do something so damned stupid? You are without a doubt the most idiotic, foolish, dimwitted…”

He wrapped his arms around her and let her get it out. “I’m a Dragoon, love, I think its a stupidity that runs bone deep. I don’t know what happened after the sword pierced my heart and destroyed the talon…all I caught were snippets of words and flashes of light as I went in and out of consciousness. They took me to an old temple, one that was long since abandoned and Theorne…” Rhom paused a moment, trying to put words to something that he was not fully cognizant for. “The story goes the day his brother betrayed his family, that Theorne was saved as his blood and that of his baby blue dragon mixed after Darius cut them both down as they tried to stop him from slaughtering the other hatchlings. That blood brought him back, and it seems it is partially why he keeps coming back. He gave some of that to me, kept me alive with his own life until Sulis determined if I was worthy of being her champion.”

He let Diana go and moved back, the water around him now pulsing with magic. “Its still triggered by anger it seems, but I’m in control.” Blue dragons have breath weapons of pure elemental lightning and that was what was now swirling up from his feet and surrounding him like an aura. “I don’t have a name for this yet, but it feels like Sulis’s celestial magic and the blue dragon blood have kinda mixed and filled the void left by breaking my old pact.”

Diana reached out, the aura tingled as her fingers made contact with it. It was like the sensation that passed through her when she healed someone…the warmth of the magic being channeled through her. Rhom dropped the new aspect and took her hand. “I can’t promise I won’t do reckless things, or stupid things, but I will never do anything again that will hurt you.”

She took his face in her hands and brought him in to kiss him, a strange sensation indeed underwater. “You’d better not or next time I’ll kill you myself.” Her smile was enigmatic, and just for a moment Rhom wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not.

She turned to swim back to the others and Rhom hurried to catch up. “You were joking right? Right? Diana?”