August 15, 2020 recap

The group moved to the cave and as the group was fully into the room, they were surrounded by 4 undead sharks and 5 drowned sailors.

They tried to rest after their first fight but another undead shark appeared and attacked as they tried to heal. (I cannot remember if there were any drowned sailors with this undead shark)

The ship is a least 100 years old. Something tore hole from the inside. In the bottom of the ship was lots and lots of rocks. Looking at them, they are determined to be worthless rock that had been shoved into the now broken barrels.

They followed the caverns, going right until they entered a large room. The water is murky and difficult to see in. They do see a vaguely humanoid figure against the back wall. Not only is the water murky it is disgusting and cold. Ice cold. Any good aligned characters felt bad as if something would come out of the shadows and rip off their flesh.

Looking the shadowy figure, is it a statue? As they entered the room 3 sailors and 4 sharks attacked. Diana cast Control Water and removed the water from most of the room leaving the sharks to flap about in place. Shanaita cast Disentigrate on the shadow figure but it had little effect. The group took out the sailor first and then focused on the sharks.

Once again, looking at the shadow, they saw a statue with a hole it in. The statue was attached to a sarcophagus. Ruven determined it was a type of sarcophagus that had been in use for hundreds of years. It is very old but cannot determine who made it.

Mitsune tried to remove the lid. It was heavy so she received help from the group. The lid finally came off and inside was a chalice. Shanasita cast Detect Magic using her staff of the magi and saw that the entire sarcophagus glowed with magical energy.

Focusing on the chalice, Shanasite, Rhom and Ruven determined that this was a liche’s phylactery and it needed to be destroyed.

Rhom stabbed it with the sword of sulis. The hear a loud deadly scream and the room is even colder.

Everyone was looking at the chalice and its destruction that they did not see the undead beginning to walk through the water wall that was created by Diana’s Control Water spell.

After Rhom had hit the chalice with the Sword of Sulis, he was flung 30ft feet back and slammed into the floor. There has been a repel spell that be triggered when a good creature touched it. The next sound they hear was the sound of blades dropping to the ground as nothing but smoke is now holding it. The undead were dissipated once the chalice was destroyed.

The area still felt icky and dirty but it was not as cold and murky as before. They followed the cavern and found another ship. There was a hole in the side of it like something huge was drug out from it. It had been the sarcophagus in the other room. Judging by the currents and other signs, these caverns probably had a way up and out into the ocean.

From what they could piece together, a lich sailed these ships out to this part of the ocean, initially sunk the ships killing the sailor who the lich turned into undead and then had them drag his sarcophagus and his phylactery to its final resting place. It had been there for years.

The other side of the complex was the smelting area for smithing their weapons and armor.

The undead are cleared out forever.

They returned to the prince who was ready for the next part of the plan. The teleportation pools were now open and they would be used to rescue the slaves. Then with the arms and armor, they would attack the palace to rescue the king and queen.

Short rest to regain some spells and health

Prince lead the group while his men carry the arms and armor. They were swimming around the city until they came upon an enormous pit where the triton slaves were mining and the sahuagin are whipping the slaves to make them keep working.

These are the mines the Prince said. The others are in the palace or in prison or are being used as food.

The Prince and is men would take care of the guards down in the mines while the group was asked to disable the watch tower with 20 or so sahuagin in it. If the group failed, there would be 200 sahuagin immediately rushing into the mines.

Rhos sent out an arcane eye to scout the watchtower and the areas ahead. Rhom can now turn invisible at will

On top of the tower – ballista – some of the tower had been attacked by something large. 20 sahuagin are on and around the watch tower

The group is to take out the 20 sahuagin and take out the ballista.

The tower is a 50ft radius circular tower.

Stealth seems to be the best option. Ruven studies the sugahn. These seem to be the same ones that are generally inferior to the group. Still, they are vicious creatures.

Shanisita could attempt to teleport the group in but there could be bad things that happen.

How is the sea floor for sea weed and other vegetation? There are plenty so they could be used to hide the group as they approached the tower.

Ruven cast Pass without a trace the group stealthed in, got in, and Diana created a blade barrier to keep any from escaping and the grouped killed them all.

The tower was now taken. Down below they could see the Prince and his men taking out guards. A lone sahuagin approached the tower and asked what was going on. The group tried to bluff and it sort of worked but they killed the guard in the end.

The prince joined them and they all headed to the palace. The palace was 2 floors and mostly open and not enclosed as palaces on the land are.

The group could see many tritons and sahuagin engaged in battle.

Up some stairs to the 2nd level they saw a large set of double doors. Behind those doors is the throne room. The door is locked and barred from the inside. The door is made of stone so Shanasita cast Passwall and made a hole in the door or wall so the group could enter a will.

The group swam inside and there as an army of sahuagin but the hostages were not seen anywhere.

There were 30 saghuun with at least one is spell-caster. But they did not see the King and Queen. The prince ran off in another direction to look for his parents.

Rhom has a new form but he has not named it yet. It comes from Theorne’s blue dragon blood that saved his life.

It took awhile due to the sheer numbers but soon all of the sahuagin were defeated including one of the spell-casters. The other, probably a priest due to the spells it was casting, ran over to the wall on the far side of the wall, pressed something on the wall, the wall slid open and the sahuagin priest slip in and was gone before the wall closed back. After healing each other, they ran over to look at the wall. Almost all of the group found the button at the same time and began to fight over who would press it. The wall opened and the ran to another room. It was empty. They looked for another secret door. Ruven found it and not finding traps, the rushed forward into another large room. This room had 4 pools and a bridge over them. These were some of the teleportation pools that the Prince had told them about. They were not sure which one the priest had used. Ruven his familiar but it immediately was out of range from him to do them any good. Rhom sent an Arcane Eye. They finally found the priest along with another sahuagin who was holding the King. There were on the steps of an ancient temple. The sahuagin held a poisoned blade to the King’s neck. He said, come closer and you will kill him. This is what we will do. You will chose a champion to fight me, the sahuagin leader. But, we can use no magic. The entire group looked to Mitstune who gladly agreed. Mitsune handed her axe to Shanasita. The sahuagin priest checked her over for magic items including the Steel Dragon amulet. An area around a pool had been cleared for the fighters. The sahuagin circled around the pool as did several sharks who were swimming above. The group spread out in case the sahuagin decided to attack.

It was a close fight with both fighters getting in solid hits throughout the match. Mitsune landed the final blow and the sharks swam in and devoured the sahuagin’s former leader. The rest of the sahuagin ran away from the triton city.

They rescued the king and gave him some healing. The Prince arrived and had found his mother. The prince told them that the Suagihn have made off with a lot of treasure. they raided the treasury on their way out.

Come, let us return to the palace. There will be a large feast in your honor, friends.